#MyStory: Why I Wish I Hadn't Gone To That Party... | POPxo

#MyStory: Why I Wish I Hadn't Gone To That Party...

#MyStory: Why I Wish I Hadn't Gone To That Party...
I had known Mahesh since my childhood, he was the son of a family friend. However I hadn’t seen him for a long time as he lived in Bangalore. Last year, I met him at my cousin’s wedding and I felt attracted towards him.  

After the wedding, we kept in touch; while he was working in Bangalore I was pursuing my MBA in Delhi. For two years Whatsapp and Facebook helped us stay in contact with each other. And after I completed my MBA, I started looking for a job in Bangalore so that I could be in the same city as Mahesh. Luckily I found a nice job and I was over the moon. Finally I was shifting to the city I had been dreaming to go to for the last two years.

Moving to a new city can be very challenging but I was lucky because Mahesh helped me settle in… he didn’t let me feel alone.

One day he invited me to a party at his place and I got really excited at the prospect of meeting his friends. When I reached his place, just two of his guy friends were there. I somehow didn’t feel too comfortable being the only girl with three guys in the room. And also his friends were trying to get too friendly with me. What made me more anxious, was the fact that Mahesh had no problem with the way his friends were behaving with me; he didn’t even notice how uncomfortable I was feeling.

Internal what happened that night

He was drunk and after awhile we went to his room. We started making out, but I sensed that something was wrong. So, I just made an excuse that it didn’t look decent that we were inside his room while his friends were outside in the living room. He didn’t like that I stopped our make out session and we went outside. But then, he tried kissing me in front of his friends.

Since he was too drunk, I took him back to his room and he said, “I love you.” It was such a nice feeling to hear those words come out of his mouth. With a huge smile on my face I told him that he was too drunk so he should go to sleep. However, to my horror he had different plans, he wanted to have sex. I refused to comply and he dozed off, still mad at me for not giving into his demand.

The next morning he started acting weird, he said that he only kissed me because he was too drunk and that he was not as much into me. I was shattered but I was not going to give him the pleasure of seeing me in pain because of him. So, with a stern face I just told him that I wasn’t that crazy about him either.

The strangest thing was, after all this happened, one of his friends came up to me and asked me, “Are you single?”  Taken aback and furious, I said “Yes, I am single but in no mood to date another jerk”, and walked away.

The guy for whom I had moved to a different city, broke my heart and left me all alone. How I wish I had not gone to that party, but then I would have never seen the true colours of Mahesh.

It took me a while to get over him but I didn’t let this experience disrupt my life. In fact, what happened that night made me stronger; now I am living in Bangalore as an independent working woman who knows what she wants in life.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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