#MyStory: … And *That* Is My “Perfect” Guy!

#MyStory: … And *That* Is My “Perfect” Guy!
One evening a friend of mine and I were having coffee, when she suddenly said, “What is a perfect guy? There is no perfect guy! I see guys but no perfection!”.

In order to annoy her, so, I just said, “Maybe he is sitting in a coffee shop like this, somewhere and drawing similar conclusions like you are, you know!” She rolled her eyes hearing my romantic notion and continued the banter… however her statement got me thinking.

Every single girl has this wish to find the perfect guy for her and yet every girl has a doubt about the existence of such a guy. And those girls who are already committed, well, they are busy trying to make the ones they are with, perfect.

Anyway, who is this perfect guy? How different is he from the guys on the dating and matrimonial sites? Why are we hell bent on finding him? And if we don’t find him, will our life be hell?

I couldn’t bring myself to let this be, so I conducted a small research on Whatsapp. I texted my friends -- married, single and the ones who are in relationships --  and interestingly they all had the same idea of a perfect guy.

perfect guy

NO! They didn’t think of someone rich, or a movie star or anybody famous. They didn’t think of a guy with the perfect six pack abs, not even a guy who could speak a dozen languages and  definitely not a prince.

“A guy who loves me the way I am, with all my faults,” was the general consensus about the definition of the perfect guy.

Perfect is a relative term and is also clearly unrealistic for a human to be perfect in every sense. But hey, there can be the “right guy”, and by right I mean right for you. Not for the neighbourhood aunt who can’t stop telling your mom about all the eligible bachelors she knows, not for your sister who wants you to settle down, not for your dad’s best friend’s wife..... right just for YOU.

Someone who will fit perfectly with you … intellectually, romantically and spiritually. Someone who doesn’t have to be extraordinary but still makes the world around you seem so. Someone who doesn’t expect you to lose your individuality just because you two are a couple.

Those little imperfections about you that people have been pointing out won’t bother him. He thinks that your crooked tooth makes your smile charming, while some people have been telling you to visit a dentist to get it fixed. He will always say the right things to make you smile even when you are mad at him and makes you feel nice just like that.

Chemistry, compatibility, understanding… I’d call these as the factors that decide the perfection in a relationship.

All I want to say is that a perfect guy is someone who fits perfectly in your imperfect life and makes you feel that everything is as good as it gets. As for finding this guy… have faith that you will find him..

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