#MyStory: I Wanted To Protect My Bestie. I Lost Her Instead...

#MyStory: I Wanted To Protect My Bestie. I Lost Her Instead...
I have been friends with Tanya for more than a decade, we were seven when we first met. And ever since we have been inseparable; the bond we share and the way we understand each other cannot be defined in words. She was always there for me when I was going through difficult times. We did have fights sometimes but we could never stay mad at each other for long. However, something happened during our final year in high school that changed our friendship.

That year she started seeing Ajay, the heart-throb of our school. While almost every girl in our class had a crush on him, I, somehow, never liked him. It was not that I got insecure that his coming into the picture might change my friendship with Tanya, I didn’t get good vibes from him. But Tanya was totally smitten and could never understand what I felt .

I tried to explain to her many times, what kind of a person he was, but the guy was very clever and would always fool Tanya with his smooth talk. She really trusted him.

After this went on for a couple of months, I made a plan to show Tanya his true colours. The plan basically was that I would flirt a little with Ajay and show Tanya how her so called boyfriend is a big time playboy. So, one day I sat next to him and flirted with him a little and Ajay, as I had guessed, went overboard and tried to kiss me. I got really nervous and was about to push him away when at that exact moment Tanya saw us. She slapped him on his face and broke up with him. I was relieved that my plan worked but then things took a different turn.

Internal lost my best friend

Tanya got mad at me and said that she didn’t want to be friends with me. I tried to explain to her what exactly had happened but she was not ready to listen to any explanation.

After a couple of days, thinking that she must have calmed down, I told her about how I had planned the whole thing and also how I was not at all interested in him. In fact,  Ajay had started seeing another girl a few days after they had broken up… but she was just not ready to believe anything I said.

It’s been 2 years since all this happened. And things have gone worse, she’s been telling people how mean I am and how I tried to steal her boyfriend. We haven’t spoken to each other but all I hear from our friends is that she’s been calling me names. The only good thing that came out of that incident is that she is no longer with that cheater.

Sometimes I wonder how did things go wrong, my intentions were good and all I wanted was my bestie’s happiness. Instead, the same bestie is questioning  my character and people are calling me a boyfriend stealer. And the worst of all is that I lost the friendship that meant the world to me.

However, even after what happened I do not regret what I did, because I know it was the right thing to do and that was the only way to show Tanya, who really Ajay was.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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