#MyStory: … And Then His Mom Found Me In His Bathroom!

#MyStory: … And Then His Mom Found Me In His Bathroom!
Rishi and I were inseparable during our schooldays; be it in the classroom or out in the sports field, we would always be together. Everyone assumed that we were in a relationship while the reality was, that we were just very good friends. However,nobody really believed us; even our parents had a feeling that we were more than just friends. Rishi’s mom was not happy about us being so close; she was a bit strict and didn’t like me at all.

On the last day of our 12th board exams, Rishi told me that he wanted to talk to me about something important and asked me to meet him after we were done with our exam. But before we could meet, my father came to pick me up and we drove off. Soon, both of us got busy preparing for our upcoming entrance exams. Due to all this, we kind of lost touch and didn’t even speak to each other for a couple of months.

One day I was missing him a lot and was wondering how had we managed to stay out of touch for such a long time? Suddenly, my phone rang and it was him. Before even saying hello I said, “At last you missed me!”

“Ya, my life has been too peaceful for a couple of months so I decided it was time I gave you a call,” he said trying to annoy me.

We gave each other updates about our college hunt and then I told him we should make a plan to meet our other friends too. Then he gave me the shocking news.

“Smita, actually I have fractured my leg and I can’t get out of my house till the cast comes off,” he said.

internal found me in his bathroom

I got a little mad at him for not breaking the news to me earlier and asked him how had he ended up hurting himself. Turned out, he had slipped on the stairs of his house.

He then asked me to come and see him. “I really want to meet you and talk to you about something.”

“You want me to come to your place? Are you mad? Your mom is going to kill me,” I replied; I still remembered how his mother hated me. He told me that his mom wasn’t home so I need not worry. I also wanted to meet him and it had been quite a while, so I decided to go.

I reached his place within half an hour and we started talking just like the old times. As usual, I was going on and on about my preparations for the entrance exams when he stopped me and said that he wants to tell me something. I could sense that he was feeling a bit nervous. “What is it? Just tell me.” I said.

He lowered his eyes and said, “I like you. This is how I feel about you and I can’t help it.”

I was taken aback and didn’t know how to react. Before what he said, could sink in and I could reply, the doorbell rang.

We both panicked and Rishi told me to go and hide in his bathroom. “It must be my mum and she will flip out if she sees you, so just stay here until I come,” he said before shutting the door.  I was so scared and that I just stood still in the bathroom.

I could hear his mom entering the room. And guess what, she wanted to use the bathroom. We were in big trouble now. Rishi tried to stall her but she was adamant; he even told her that she can’t use the bathroom as he was about to take shower. But she didn’t buy it.

I was sure that she had somehow found out that I had come to see him. It must have been that rather nosy neighbour about whom he would often complain to me. She must have seen me enter the house.

I was about to cry; suddenly he entered the bathroom and before he could lock the door aunty barged in and saw me. She got furious; I had never seen anyone get as angry as I saw her that day. She grabbed his hands and took him out of the bathroom. Then I heard the sound of a slap.

After a couple of minutes, he came into the bathroom and said, “You just get out of the bathroom and go home, do not even look at my mom.” While I was leaving, aunty told me that she wants to talk to my mother.

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Thankfully, my mom was very understanding, so after I told her what had happened, she called up Rishi’s mom and clarified things to her.

I have never set foot in that house after that day. As for us, well, we did date for a month or so and then realised that we are better off being friends. We are still very good friends!

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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