#MyStory: My Boyfriend’s Girl Bestie Called At 3 A.M. & Said…

#MyStory: My Boyfriend’s Girl Bestie Called At 3 A.M. & Said…
How to deal with your boyfriend’s girl bestie? There are many articles telling you how to get along with her and how not to be insecure about her etc etc… but we all know that maintaining a comfortable relationship with her isn’t easy. And it sucks if she hates you, believe me I know how bad things can be.

I found an awesome guy, Akshay -- the one who would be my Mr Perfect but along came his “girl best friend” and so did issues. I always thought that I would be an open-minded girlfriend who would be ok if her guy had a girl best friend. I actually did try to be cool because I understood how much she meant to him, I mean she was his best friend after all. He had made it very clear that they were just buddies and so I knew I had nothing to worry about. He was always honest and this made me fall for him even harder. 

I had also discussed with him the fact that I should not be blamed for anything that goes wrong between the two of them, because we all know that a girlfriend is always blamed when her boyfriend’s relation with his friends goes sour. So, things were going fine between us… but it didn’t last long.

Internal his girl bestie called me

One night my boyfriend and I hung out with my friends. I was really happy that night because he got along really well with them and we had a great time. Later that night, the happy me was busy texting him when suddenly I got a call, it was 3 am in the morning. It was her, his girl bestie… the moment I answered the call she started yelling at me. She accused me for coming in between her and Akshay and taking him away from her life. I tried to reason with her but she just wouldn’t listen. I disconnected the call and tried calling Akshay, but his phone was not reachable.

My nightmare had come true, and I just could not stop crying. I kept telling myself that I need not worry, Akshay loves me; but then she has been in his life longer than I have, so the feeling that I would lose him was natural.

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She called me again and kept sending me texts but I just ignored her. She probably thought that by accusing me of destroying her friendship and showing me how close they were she would ruin things between Akshay and me, but I never gave her that advantage.

I hardly slept that night and due to all the crying my eyes were swollen in the morning. I got ready and left for office. While I was still in the metro Akshay called me and said, “ I am coming to pick you up, I know that you have not slept and have been crying all night. I can’t see you so upset”. And at that exact moment I knew that I should not be insecure about him; no matter what happens he is going to be there for me.

We met and he apologised for what had happened; we spoke and sorted out the whole issue before we reached office.

All this happened seven months ago and though he is still friends with that girl I have kept my distance from her. I don’t want him to face the difficult situation of choosing between us because I love him more than I hate her. We are getting married soon, so though I can never forget what she did to me, in a way I am thankful to her… because of her our relationship grew stronger, it was a blessing in disguise.

* Names changed to protect privacy.

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