9 Emotions Your Mom & You WILL Share During The Wedding!

9 Emotions Your Mom & You WILL Share During The Wedding!
We guarantee you’ll never feel as close to your mommy as you will when you’re getting married. Prepare for extreme emotions and practice blinking back the tears...together! After all, there’s no greater team than mom and you, right?

1. Absolute Panic

Before the wedding, it suddenly hits you - will you ever be able to live in a different house than mom? She’s wondering the same thing!

Mother daughter emotions

2. Crazy Excitement

The two of you can’t help but feel so much excitement at all the shopping and fun moments that are going to lead up to the wedding.

3. Sudden Bouts of Sadness

But suddenly it really hits you both that soon you won’t be able to wake up to each other’s faces.

4. Waves of Nostalgia

Mom rummages through old pictures and can’t help but wonder, “When did you grow up?” You wish you had an answer!

Mother daughter emotions

5. Irritating Times

You can’t help but argue with mum when she doesn’t agree with you about wedding details! You know you’ll miss her and everything but she needs to understand this is your wedding and you want things a certain way.


6. Nagging Guilt

After the usual bickering that every mom-daughter duo in the world go through, you both feel pretty bad to have spoken to each other that way and feel an overwhelming sense of guilt!

7. Utter Pride

Your mom raised you to be a strong, independent and sensible girl. These qualities are really helping in the wedding planning stage and you two ladies are rocking the show! You’re super proud of mum for holding it down and she’s so proud of you too.

Mother daughter emotions

8. So-Much-Nervousness

As the day comes closer, you both feel an unspoken nervousness. Will it all go well? Will you both be strong when the time comes?

9. Pure Joy

The time has come for you to get married and move into another home. But gone are the days when girls were supposed to never look back. Your mom is where your heart is and you’ll always take her with you wherever you go. Besides, your home is always going to be open for you. When you smile at mom on the D-day, you know she’s thinking the very same thing. She’s happy for you and the fact that you’ve found love. It’s what she’s always wanted for you. And in the moment you two embrace, there’s a feeling of pure, unadulterated joy.

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