9 Ways Your Emotions Screw You Over When You’re PMSing!!

9 Ways Your Emotions Screw You Over When You’re PMSing!!
It's that time of the month when your hormones hold you at their mercy and you exhibit classic symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome. All you can do is grit your teeth and watch as your personality does a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Here are 9 emotions every girl goes through when she is PMSing!

1. Your tear glands have no off button

During PMS, your emotions are on steroids. Tears run down your cheeks and you have no idea why you are crying.

2. Will a court accept PMS as a valid reason for murder?

PMSing women can crank up crankiness several notches. "Do not mess with me" might as well be etched on our forehead when we are PMSing - this message especially goes out to men who use PMS to brush off legitimate outbursts. You have no idea what PMS-driven murderous rage looks like, kiddo.

2 mood swings we have during PMS

3. You feel like you have tripped and injured yourself.

Your body is sore and you can sense an otherworldly creature has stuck itself to your lower back and is giving you a nagging pain.

4. You can eat your weight in ice-cream.

PMS also means that your appetite is on overdrive, especially for a giant tub of comfort food. It is the only medicine that is widely accepted by the non-medical PMS-ing fraternity.

4 mood swings we have during PMS

5. You want to hide from the world.

If a girl can't scream out her PMS rage, the next best thing is to keep interactions with the world to a bare minimum. Does PMS count as a genuine reason for sick leave?

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6. Is this PMS or a bad phase?

PMS when you are not having a good week anyway is the worst - because it is hard to know if you are upset because your period is due or because you had a mini-showdown with the boss.

6 mood swings we have during PMS

7. Existential crisis alert.

The emotional upheaval during PMS can make a girl question what she thought she knew about herself and her behaviour.

Who is this stranger in the mirror?!

8. Your reactions are unpredictable.

When PMSing, it's natural to feel emotionally vulnerable and that might colour your usually reliable sense of judgement.

Forget drunk-dialling your ex - PMS-Whatsapping is the true horror story because you don't have booze to blame.

8 mood swings we have during PMS

9. Acceptance of your body.

The final phase of the PMS is being mildly happy that your bodily functions are working alright - and to know that you are not pregnant. So, PMS, bye and see you next month!

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