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Mehendi Jhullas You’ll Absolutely Want At Your Shaadi!

Mehendi Jhullas You’ll Absolutely Want At Your Shaadi!
When it comes to the mehendi ceremony, there is just no limit to all that can be done with the decor. You can go cool and quirky, do a mela setup, give it a traditional twist, the options are endless! But one thing that we personally love and would love you to have at your own mehendi is the jhulla! Yup! It’s like the thing you should be sitting on while the mehendiwallas work their magic and all the ladies go... Mehendi hai rachne wali! Check out these super pretty ways to do up the mehendi jhullas!

1. Colourful paper cones!

They took a traditional jhulla and turned it into one from a fantasy land! Yellow and purple flowers twine around the poles while a curtain of colourful paper cones hangs above! And doesn’t that look super cute?! The yellow and purple colour scheme is our favourite too. mehendi jhullas Image: Stories by Joseph Radhik on Instagram

2. An English tea party in the garden!

Perfect when you have an English tea party theme! A white julla with pretty pink and yellow polka-dotted cushions and strings of leaves lightly twirled around it. Oh, and we adore those pink flowers! mehendi jhullas Image: Stories by Joseph Radhik on Instagram

3. Traditional all the way…

So you want to go all raja rani? Ask your decorator for a traditional jhulla and load it up with tons of marigolds in shades of yellow and orange. We also love the delicate flower curtain at the back. mehendi jhullas Image: The Wedding Brigade on Instagram

4. A fairytale mehendi

You could ditch the usual shape of jhullas and go in for a hanging swing. For a night-time mehendi that looks straight out of fairytales, do up the swing with orchids and lilies. Don’t miss out the charming bird cages that act as the perfect decor elements for the theme. mehendi jhullas Image: Grapevine Design on Instagram

5. An elegant setup

Don’t want to go overboard yet make an impression? Well, this is just what you need to do! A white jhulla that’s done up with a thick floral runner. Orchids and white flowers are a gorgeous combination and ooh, we love that ‘love’ signboard!
mehendi jhullas Image: Morvi Images on Instagram

6. Simple but oh-so-pretty!

It’s such a simple yet impactful setup. Hanging from a tree, the jhulla is done up with purple drapes and bunches of yellow genda phool. A marvelous-looking tree and the perfect lighting add all the magic to this stunning setup. mehendi jhullas Image: The Cheesecake Project on Instagram HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: The Prettiest Mehendi Designs For The Bride (We’re In Love!) MUST-READ: The Cutest Mehendi Gifts For Your Guests (And So Pretty!)