meeting in laws for the first time

12 Thoughts *Every* Girl Has When She First Meets Her In-Laws!

Smriti Notani

Guest Contributor

No matter what a cool cat you are normally, meeting in laws for the first time is one momentous occasion and has the best of us in a tizzy. We experience a barrage of emotions leading to some natural and some totally hilarious thoughts!

1. Are they going to like me?

Well, they better. I’m a delight!

2. I hope the boy has talked me up.

Did he mention that award I won in 5th Standard, because it’s important, okay?

meeting in laws for the first time

3. I hope I’m dressed appropriately.

After the zillion outfits I tried on, this better be the right choice.

4. They seem nice.

Quick! Smile at them. Reciprocate the niceness.

meeting in laws for the first time

5. My future mom-in-law is dressed well.

Good then, we have great sartorial choices in common.

6 My father-in-law to be seems a little strict.

Or maybe he’s grumpy. It is a hot day!

meeting in laws for the first time

7. They are bragging about their son.

Chill guys, I like him already. I am marrying him, remember?


8. Should I be myself or not?

It’s the first meeting; let’s induct them slowly. *Evil grin*

meeting in laws for the first time

9. To be fair, it’s going rather breezily.

Hope this is how it always is!

10. OMG! We are discussing the wedding.

Is this really happening? *faints*

meeting in laws for the first time

11. Wait, what should I call them?

Think I’ll stick with aunty and uncle for now.

12. They are giving me something.

Guys, this is getting more Bollywood than I can handle!

meeting in laws for the first time

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Published on May 06, 2016
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