Effortless hairstyles for medium length hair you can do in 5 minutes

Effortless hairstyles for medium length hair you can do in 5 minutes
Whether you would always choose your snooze button over anything else or are just looking for super quick ways to tame your mane with minimal time and effort, we’ve got the perfect solutions for you. Who needs 12-step updos and super intricate braids when you can rock some fabulous dos in mere minutes?! Read on for some awesome and easy hairstyles for medium hair that won’t take longer than 5 minutes. These hairstyles are so easy - anyone can do them!

1. A Braid In A Braid

1 medium length hairstyles

Image: Mayra Ysl on Instagram

Get your hair off your face in this summer heat with this cute and easy hairstyle for medium hair. Feel free to position the braid on the side or at the back, in your bangs or wherever you like! 

How to get this hairstyle look

Step 1: Divide all your hair into 3 sections – like you would for a regular plait. 

Step 2: Take the middle section and plait it down till the ends and secure with elastic. 

Step 3: Now using all 3 sections – 2 on each side and the middle braided one, create a regular braid. This hairstyle will give the effect of a braid winding through a bigger braid. 

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2.  The Hair Flower

2 medium length hairstyles

Image: Pretty Braidz on Instagram

This easy hairstyle for medium hair is girly, creative and oh-so pretty! 

How to get this hairstyle look

Step 1: For this hairstyle, take the top half of your hair (like a half-up half-down do) and create a simple 3-strand braid with it at the back of your head. Secure it with an elastic at the end. 

Step 2: Pick up the end of the braid and, using your fingers, wind it in a circular motion up the length of the braid. Do this till you reach the top of the braid, the ends should be tucked into the center of the circle. 

Step 3: Your braid should resemble a circular flower. Use bobby pins to to pin it down and in place. 

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3. The Hairband Tuck

3 medium length hairstyles

GIF: Buzzfeed

We love that this hairstyle for medium hair because it is so simple but also so versatile. You can try an embellished hairband to add some glitz or you can even try it by tying a bright scarf around your head for a cute summer touch. 

How to get this hairstyle look

Step 1: Place your hairband over your head. 

Step 2: Roll sections of hair up and tuck them into the band. Do this till all your hair is tucked in it and it looks like an ultra chic updo. 

4. The Side Twist

4 medium length hairstyles

Image: Viral Bhayani

Add a dash of cute to your usual open hair with this easy hairstyle for medium hair.

How to get this hairstyle look

Step 1: Create a deep side part.

Step 2:  Take a section of hair along your hairline on the side. Twist this section backwards and secure with pin in such a way that the rest of your hair falls over it. 

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5. The Pompadour Half Updo

5 medium length hairstyles

This hairstyle for medium hair can help you look red carpet-worthy. Run an iron through your hair before you start for that sleek effect. 

How to get this hairstyle look

Step 1: Take a middle, front section of hair and clip it away. Now take wide sections of hair on either side, spray with hairspray to prevent flyaways and comb and tie both sections at the back with a thin hair tie. 

Step 2: Open the middle section and take thin horizontal sections and tease each section with a comb for volume. Spray your hairspray once you’ve back combed each thin section. 

Step 3: Now take a comb and smoothen your teased hair backwards and gently mold the shape of your pompadour or pouf. Take a bobby pin and slide it at the back to secure the pompadour in place at the height you want it. This will also conceal the hair tie from the first step.

Watch the tutorial here. 

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6. The Twisted Updo

6 medium length hairstyles

Image: Mayyur Girotra on Instagram

Casual, formal, Indian or western – this 5-minute easy hairstyle for medium hair works with whatever your style! 

How to get this hairstyle look

Step 1: Take a 2-inch wide section of hair on either side of your parting and twist them backwards all the way till the bottom of your ear. Pin them in place on both sides. 

Step 2: Now gather all your hair into a low ponytail and tie it with an elastic. 

Step 3: Twist your ponytail and then wind it into a bun. Use pins to secure it. 

Images: Shutterstock