7 Things You’ll Get If Your Phone Is ALWAYS Low On Battery!

7 Things You’ll Get If Your Phone Is ALWAYS Low On Battery!
All of us are totally glued to our phones these days. But some of us more than others! We all have that one friend who is ALWAYS low on phone battery (and if you can’t think of anyone in your friends’ circle, it’s probably because that ‘friend’ in the group is you!). So here is a list of 7 things that you and your friends will totally relate to if you guys are always low on phone battery...

1. “Connect to charger…”

Your phone constantly has the “Low Battery - Connect To Charger” notification blinking. You remember charging it just a while ago...or was it yesterday? Well, what you do remember is how sad you feel every time your phone threatens to die!

ezgif.com-resize (1) low phone battery

2. Always equipped

Whether you’re going to college, to work or to a friend’s place, you always carry your charger. You might make it somehow without a wallet, but you know you can’t survive without your phone charger.

3. Charger hunting

On the off chance that you forget to carry your charger, you try to restrain yourself from using your phone, fail at it miserably and then go around begging everyone for their charger (“sirf five minutes ke liye, please!”).

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4. On the metro

We all know how people momentarily lose sense of what’s right and wrong when a metro train with empty seats comes to a halt in front of them. There is a lot of pushing involved and you’ve probably been at the giving as well as receiving end of this. The only difference is that unlike the other people who are running for seats, you’re just pushing to get to the charging point available at the end of the compartment!

5. The accusations

If you got five bucks every time someone accused you of hanging up on them, you’d probably be a millionaire by now! How many times has it happened that your friend is venting out some anger over the phone and you’re being the good listener that you are but then suddenly there’s no sound because your phone’s dead? You’re left sitting there like…

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6. Threats from parents

It’s easy to explain your low battery situation to friends, but parents are at a WHOLE other level. They know you always have your phone close to you so when they call you and your phone is switched off, all hell breaks lose when you finally reach home. From threats about cancelling your pocket money to revoking your phone privileges, your parents threaten you with everything!

7. Turns off while doing something important

Besides giving up on you while on call with friends, your phone always gives up on you when you’re doing something important - like when you’re about to hit “send” on that last email or that long angry text to your ex! The worst is when you’re hungry, trying to order food from a restaurant and you’re just about to give them your address when your phone is like “Not today, dear friend. Not today.”

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