How To Get Deepika’s Piku Look… In A Few Simple Steps!

How To Get Deepika’s Piku Look… In A Few Simple Steps!

Who amongst us did not fall in love with Deepika Padukone’s beautiful look in Piku? With her long black tresses and kohl-rimmed eyes, she made every Indian girl swoon with envy. Well, the good news is that you too can now look as stunning as her by following these simple moves.

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Step 1: Prep your skin by applying a light foundation. Dab the brush into the foundation and blend it in well. If you don’t want to apply foundation, a tinted BB or CC cream works just as well. Make sure that your base is not heavy, so that your face looks fresh and natural.

Step 2: Apply concealer underneath your eyes to get rid of dark circles. Start from the inner corner and blend outwards.

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Step 3: Set your base by applying powder evenly throughout. Apply it underneath your eyes with a brush to set your base to prevent your eye makeup from bleeding down to the rest of your face.

Step 4: Well-defined eyebrows are essential for this look, so choose a dark brown eye shadow and use it to arch and define your brows. Extend them outwards with an eyebrow brush.

Step 5: Now for the most important step to achieve this look: use your darkest kohl or kajal. Apply it into your upper and lower waterline. Ensure that it is thick on the lower waterline. Create another line right under the lower lash to make it thicker.

Step 6: To fill in the gaps between the kajal and the lower lash line, use black eye shadow. This completes your kohl-rimmed eyes.

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Step 7: Curl your eyelashes by starting from the roots and working your way up. Finish your eye makeup by applying mascara.

Step 8: Now choose a peachy blush and apply it on your cheeks in an upwards and outwards motion to get that dewy look!

Step 9: Apply a tinted lip balm on your lips for a hint of colour.

Step 10: Open your hair, put on a bindi and rock Deepika’s ethnic chic look from Piku!