5 Problems Long Distance Couples Face & How To Deal With Them

5 Problems Long Distance Couples Face & How To Deal With Them
Every couple has their own set of relationship problems, but many couples also end up having similar kinds of problems. This rings more true in the case of a long-distance relationship. No matter how hard a couple in a long distance relationship tries, there will be some problems. This is a list of common long distance relationship problems that couples face and some effective ways to tackle them!

1. Relationship Problem: The glaring, loud distance, obviously

Yes, there is Skype, Facetime, Video Calls, Whatsapp and other such things that help a couple keep in touch constantly. Yet, it’s not possible for two people living in two different cities to constantly find time for the other. Is it their fault though? It isn’t. It’s no one’s fault, not even the distances’. This is a choice you made for yourself. It may have been a hard decision you had to make, but you made the decision nonetheless.
Relation problem solution: Stick to your decision. Remember how hard it was to make this decision of being with each other while being so far away. Remember that this relationship problem shall pass, that some day the distance will just be a distant memory. Have faith in each other and keep trying to make it work until and unless you feel like you absolutely can’t. There is a reason why you guys are together, don’t forget that love is actually all you need sometimes.

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2. Relationship Problem: Lack of time for each other

In most cases, one person in the relationship is always a little busier than the other. He/she may be busier due to work, his/her active lifestyle, friends/social circle. It doesn’t matter what the reason is, but eventually one person feels left out, ignored and unwanted.

Relation problem solution: Talk it out with your significant other properly - and don’t just drop hints. Tell your partner what’s bothering you. If your partner can’t take out a little extra time to just talk to you, you have every right to bring it up. However, learn how to keep yourself busy too. Don’t keep waiting for him/her to call. Go about, do stuff that you want to do. Also remember to put yourself in your partner’s shoes and ask yourself - “Am I over-reacting?” Be completely unbiased while answering that question.

3. Relationship Problem: An attraction towards other people

Being in two different cities or countries means that you will constantly be meeting new people. Sometimes, you just click with someone. It could be on a physical level and sometimes on a deeper level. You will feel the connection growing stronger as you start hanging out with each other often. You will feel like you are falling for this person because she/he is right there in front of you, giving you attention, which a long distance relationship doesn’t provide for.

Relation problem solution: You have to be strong. This relationship problem is only happening because you feel a little lonely. All throughout your life you will keep meeting people and with some of them you will feel a certain connection. There will be undeniable chemistry. Your partner will also meet such people in his/her life. It’s only human to fall for someone else. But this is when you have to be strong and prove to your partner that you are here to stay and you would do nothing to mess your relationship up.

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4. Relationship Problem: Travel expenses

Yes, we know, it’s always hard and always expensive to travel back and forth to meet the love of your life. Especially if you don’t earn big money and if you come from a middle-class family. You wait months to meet him/her but you always seem to be short on the money front.
Relation problem solution: Make a recurring deposit in the bank so that for the whole year you can’t access that money at all - and when you finally do, you get it back with interest. If you don’t want to do that, save some money everyday. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it. Pretend like that pile that you’ve accumulated doesn’t exist. Buy what you need, not what you want. Don’t convince yourself that you need something when you really don’t. Do some freelancing work in your spare time. There are millions of things to do and if you really want to see your partner, you would do all you can to save that extra buck. The easiest thing to do is meet mid-way. This saves time and money and you get to explore a new place with your lover.

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5. Relationship Problem: Trust issues

It creeps in - this damned thing called “doubt”. And once the seed is planted, it gets hard to shake it off. Come on, how can it not right? Your significant other is in a whole different place altogether, surrounded by people who you might not ever get to meet or even see. And they get to spend time with your amazing partner - a partner who is so easy to fall in love with, and you fear that someone might just take him/her away from you.
Relation problem solution: The golden rule to maintaining any relationship is to trust your partner, heart and soul, whether in a long distance relationship or not. You have to have faith in what you two have built together. Your partner chose you for a reason, don’t doubt those reasons due to this relationship problem.

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