8 Sweet Little Things You Can Do When He’s Having A Bad Day!

8 Sweet Little Things You Can Do When He’s Having A Bad Day!
His boss yelled at him, he fought with his dad, his car broke down, his fave team lost – there are so many things that can screw up his day. And unlike with us, flowers, chocolate or a new pair of shoes aren’t going to turn his frown upside down. Guys aren’t easy to understand, but being the loving girlfriends that we are, we definitely want to make them feel better when they’re down. But how? We give you a few little things to do when he’s having a bad day to turn it around. We know, we know, he’s so lucky to have you right?! ;)

1. Treat Him To His Fave Meal

Food really does make everything better!

1 little things to do for him

2. Let Him Vent

You may be the conversationalist in the relationship, but this time just let him talk, rant, or do whatever as long as it’s out of his system. Listen patiently and a little bit of constructive advice/input from your end can make a hell lot of a difference.

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3. A Big, Bear Hug

Yeah he’s a man but no matter what he says, they’re sensitive too. A long hug from you can let him know you’re there to make it all better and you can be his shoulder to lean on too - not just the other way round.

3 little things to do for him

4. Drink Beer With Him

An evening doing his favourite thing can definitely lift his spirits. Pair that with a competitive video game session together and he’ll forgot what got him down in the first place.

5. Some Impromptu Lovin’

A spontaneous session initiated by you. Sex makes everything better. Period!

5 little things to do for him

6. Treat Him To A Relaxing Massage

A head or back massage by you can be a serious stress-buster for him. If it leads to sex then even better. :P

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7. Let Him Pick The Movie

Hand over the remote to him for the night. Not subjecting him to yet another chick flick and letting him watch whatever gory, action film he pleases without any complains from you can help lift his spirits.

7 little things to do for him

8. Remind Him Of What Makes Him Awesome

Compliment him, tell him all the reasons you love him - because sometimes we do take each other for granted and forget to tell each other how wonderful we are as individuals. Reminding him how special you think he is can seriously help brighten his day.

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