10 Teeny-Tiny Little Things Guys ALWAYS Notice About Girls!

10 Teeny-Tiny Little Things Guys ALWAYS Notice About Girls!
Guys may not express themselves too much and too often, but that doesn’t make them clueless. There are plenty of little things he notices about you even if you don’t realize it. These are some things about you that make him fall in love with you a little bit more. Awww!

1. When You Wear Something Especially For Him

When a guy tells you he likes something you’re wearing, he really means it. And when you listen to his feedback, he’ll definitely notice even if he doesn’t say anything!

2. The Way You Smile When You’re Pretending To Be Angry

He loves how he can get you to laugh at silly things when you’re trying to be mad!

little things he notices about you

3. When You Can Sense He’s Having A Bad Day

If he doesn’t talk about it but you still try to make him feel better in your own way - he definitely knows how lucky he is to have you!

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4. When You Put On Makeup

Even if it’s a tiny bit to ace that ‘naturally’ beautiful look, he can tell.

little things he notices about you

5. When You’re Jealous - Even If You Pretend Not To Care

Even if he’s just talking to another girl in the room for a minute, or appreciates certain characteristics in other women, that doesn’t change how he feels about you.

6. How Cute You Look In His Clothes

He may never say it, but he knows you look better in his fave hoodie than he does!

little things he notices about you

7. Your Nails

Believe it or not, but loads of guys notice a girl’s nails! Whether you bite them, if they’re well maintained, if your polish is chipped. It says a lot about how you take care of yourself and that actually matters to them.

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8. The Way Your Hand Always Finds His

Whether you’re sitting on the couch or walking around outside . And they fit so perfectly. :)

little things he notices about you

9. That You Try To Get Along With His Friends 

How you behave with his bros makes a hell of a difference. If you make an effort at being friendly with the guys, he definitely will love you more for it.

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10. How You Take Care Of Him

How you keep checking to make sure he’s taken his meds when he’s sick, or let him watch football even when you hate it. Or when you surprise him with his fave food when he’s having a bad day. It’s all in the little things!

little things he notices about you

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