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College, Work, Party - The Perfect Lingerie For Every Occasion!

College, Work, Party - The Perfect Lingerie For Every Occasion!
Must-have ammo every girl needs in her wardrobe? A bra! And especially one that compliments any and every kind of outfit. Many women shy away from wearing certain outfits because they don’t have the right bra to team it up with. Getting the cup size right is important but knowing what kind of bra is to be worn with what outfit or occasion is the key. The wrong bra will just ruin your look and so we’ve taken the help of the experts at Enamor. Read on to know which bra pairs best with which outfit. You’re welcome!

1. The t-shirt bra

lingerie pieces for every occassion A must have for all college girls, the t-shirt bra is a basic everyday bra. They usually have light, thin pads with no seams. They are best worn with fitted t-shirts or tank tops and are super comfortable! These ultra-comfy bras give you a great shape and the seamless finish ensures there are no stitch marks peeking through your t-shirt. If you are looking for a great t-shirt bra, Enamor has a wide range to choose from! Get this beige t-shirt bra here for Rs 899.

2. A push-up bra

lingerie pieces for every occassion The lack of curves got you fretting? Or got saggy boob problems? You need a push-up bra to create yourself a nice cleavage. Push-ups offer a lot of support, not just at the bottom of your bust but also on the sides. So that if you have sagging boobs or one’s that tend to fall apart, the bra brings them together. These bras pair perfectly with bodycon dresses and tops that have a deep neck. You can find push-ups in multiple styles and prints. You can buy strapless, padded and non-padded push-up bras to suit your needs. A floral push up bra your cup of tea? Get this one for Rs 899.

3. The soft cup bra

lingerie pieces for every occassion Usually the best looking bra’s are not the most comfortable ones. However, you need a super comfortable bra while you are at work. Working with an uncomfortable bra for 6-7 hours straight can be quite a pain. Soft cup bras eliminate these problems. They do not come with an underwire, and they usually have wider straps to support your twins. They’re simply perfect to wear under your office shirts and blazers. Pick this perfect-for-work white soft cup for Rs 499.

4. The seamless bra

lingerie pieces for every occassion If you wear body hugging clothes very often or if your wardrobe has a little too much of satin or silk, a seamless bra is a great option to consider for work. Seamless bra’s are so comfortable that they are designed to actually leave you feeling like you are wearing no bra at all. Enamor’s seamless bras do not peek through at all, even under the thinnest fabrics, while giving you enough support at the same time. Buy this red seamless wonder here for Rs 1,275.

5. The strapless bra

lingerie pieces for every occassion For girls who love to party and wear tube dressed or noodle straps, strapless bras are your saviours. Plastic straps are so passe and a bit...ahem...fugly. Pick a bra with removable straps that can be worn in many ways. And when you have a tube dress to wear, the straps can simply be taken off!

6. Backless bra

lingerie pieces for every occassion Everyone loves a sexy back and nothing flaunts your back better than a backless outfit. Pick a bra that doesn’t ruin your moment in the sun by peeking through. A backless bra either comes with a really low back strap, a convertible strap or no back strap at all. Enamor has a kickass collection of backless bra which lets you wear anything and everything that you desire, without having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction! Pick this bra with a convertible back for Rs 899 here.

7. Lacy Non-Padded Bra

lingerie pieces for every occassion A bra that combines class and comfort is the lacy bra. Lacy bras have the most feminine appeal and are usually the first to be picked up by honeymooners.The soft lace and sexy appeal make them the hottest lingerie picks. If you’re picking one with an underwire and side support, It gives you a stunning cleavage. Avoid lacy bras with fitted outfits, instead, pair one with a comfortable deep top or gown. It will have him jaw-dropping all over the place *wink*. Get this lacy, pink stunner for Rs 899. Spring brings with it a scent of freshness which is like a makeover for nature. These pretty pieces will give you lingerie makeover with Enamor’s Spring Summer Collection 2016.  We love things that make us look absolutely lady-like and Enamor helps you in being you! Let your inner diva out and shop from their exquisite collection with a multitude of options to choose from. * This is a sponsored for Enamor. Fancy a lingerie makeover? Enamor has a contest for all you fabulous ladies! Few lucky ladies will get a FREE Enamor Lingerie wardrobe worth Rs. 10,000 along with a fit session to know your perfect size.To participate, follow POPxo on Instagram or watch the contest video here.