The Ultimate Korean Eyeliner Trick For Big, Beautiful Eyes!

The Ultimate Korean Eyeliner Trick For Big, Beautiful Eyes!
Korean beauty trends have captured the imagination of people everywhere with their focus on fresh, youthful makeup, and the latest in line is...wait for it...puppy eyes!

If you’re tired of those common feline flicks, get on board this new trend. Puppy eyes aim to give the illusion that your eyes are big and round, making you look as adorable and innocent as, well, a puppy. And all it takes is a downwards flick of your eyeliner! Read on to know how you can achieve big, beautiful puppy dog eyes...

Step 1

1 puppy eyes eyeliner trick

Image: Wernercoiffeur on Instagram

Use a light eyeshadow as base. A light shade like white, especially in the inner corner of the eyes, makes them look bigger and more youthful. We recommend the Lakme Absolute Color Illusion Pearl Eye Shadow (Rs 750)

Step 2

Apply liner on your upper lash line, starting from the inner eye and going outwards. The Maybelline Colossal Liner (Rs 425) is perfect for this with its flexi tip applicator.

Step 3

3 puppy eyes eyeliner trick

Image: Minlee.eee on Instagram

Instead of finishing by sweeping up, like in cat eyeliner, sweep downwards to accentuate the natural roundness of the eyes. Simply flick the eyeliner down lightly and finish.

Step 4

Apply kohl on the lower lash line, along the waterline. Start from the middle instead of the inner eye and sweep outwards.

Step 5

5 puppy eyes eyeliner trick

Image: Sushzilla on Instagram

Apply mascara to open your eyes up.

And after you’re done with these five simple steps, look fresh and youthful through the day! Isn’t is so easy?!

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You can also watch a video tutorial here!
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