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9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE Denim!

9 Things You’ll Totally Get If You LOVE Denim!

Since the time it was created, denim has been loved and accepted by all. But some of us love it so much that our wardrobes consist of more than 50% of denim outfits! And jeans aren’t the only things made of denim! There are many amazing denim shirts as well as skirts that are comfortable and easy to move in. And now, there’s denim-inspired jewellery from Melorra to help us accessorise our beloved denims as well! So let’s take a look at 9 things you’ll relate to if you love wearing denim...

1. It’s easy-peasy when you miss the morning alarm

So you had an early morning class and you woke up late because you missed your alarm? No worries, because your jeans are there to save the day. The first thing you do while rubbing sleep away from your eyes is grab your favourite pair of jeans. You know they’re easy to match with just about any t-shirt and great for all-day comfort. 1. inside image if you love wearing denims

2. Dressing up your denim shirts

You have an assortment of denim shirts in your closet, one for every occasion! And whether you’re matching them with sexy stilettos or comfy keds, you always rely on classy jewellery from Melorra to make every look amazing - like the gorgeous Lakshmi Menon here! You can choose from denim-inspired hoops, stackable rings or stackable bracelets. 2.Denim shirt if you love wearing denims

3. You never have a hard time deciding what to wear.

On the days when you just can’t make up your mind about your outfit, you just put your jeans on first. Then you decide whether you want to pair it with a kurti to get a cool ethnic look or with a tank top for a more western look. 3. inside image (1) if you love wearing denims

4. You rock your denim skirt like a boss.

You’ve always loved your denim skirt but used to find it difficult to pair with jewellery. So you  thank God everyday for Melorra! With their new collection based on the denim trend, you have jewellery to complement your denims perfectly now. And the best part is, this amazing brand just launched its e-commerce website, making it so much easier to shop. 4.Denim skirt if you love wearing denims

5. You know your denim hacks

Though jeans hardly ever look dirty (unless you actually spill things on them), you like to have yours washed regularly. Not because you’re a clean-freak but because laundered jeans fit so much better! Yes, the simple denim hack that machine wash always shrinks denim a bit gets you a well-fitted pair of clean pants every time. 5. inside image if you love wearing denims

6. Maxi dresses to save the day

You didn’t get time to get your legs waxed for that big event at college? You’re not flustered at all because you’ve got your faithful denim maxi dress by your side, shielding your hairy legs from the judgemental eyes of the world while keeping you comfortable and confident. And the outstanding collection of denim jewellery from Melorra helps complete your look every time! 6.Denim maxi if you love wearing denims

7. You’re often on full moon alert

Sadly, some of your favourite jeans are now loose at the waist. This means that every time you sit, they tend to reveal a bit too much! Belts help sometimes, but often, you just end up shifting awkwardly pulling your jeans up to cover any moon sighting. :P 7. inside image if you love wearing denims

8. You work the denim-on-denim look

Most people shy away from wearing denim on denim. But not you! Infact, you’re always on point with this look. And with a range of denim-inspired jewellery from Melorra such as long chains,finger sleeves or earrings, you know you can’t go wrong. Still in doubt? Let Lakshmi Menon show you how! 8.Denim on denim if you love wearing denims

9. You’re tired of the unending comments involving your jeans

You’re tired of people asking you why you’re always wearing jean or denim shirts. The ‘beta, you have such a nice figure’  comments are stacking up too. But you don’t care. No one can come between you and your denims. NO ONE! shutterstock_125341388 * This is a sponsored post for Melorra. Download the app on IOS, Android or shop on their e-commerce site.
Published on May 13, 2016
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