Just Engaged? 8 Reasons You’ll Totally LOVE This Time!

Just Engaged? 8 Reasons You’ll Totally LOVE This Time!
If you’ve just been engaged, well, then you’ll get just exactly what we’re saying here! Life after the sagaai is such a big shift from what it used to be. And in the most awesome ways ever! A big congratulations on making it official and now a little something to make you feel even better. Here are eight reasons why being newly engaged is totally awesome.

1. Ooh, the ring!

Ok, really nothing beats the feeling and the thrill of having that ring on your finger. I mean, it feels amazing to be officially ‘fixed’ and be able to tell the world that you are taken without actually saying it! And all those reactions every time someone takes a look at the ring, it just sends you over the moon!

newly engaged

2. Meet my fiance!

It was so great to finally introduce Mr Prince Charming as the fiance and not the boyfriend. Like really, once you’re engaged, boyfriend sounds like such a childish term! It’s an awesome feeling, you know. Hello, this is my man, my Mr Right, my fiance Rohan*.

3. And he is on an all time high…

High with the romance. I guess men just know that they’ve got to spoil their would-bes to no end. Long romantic drives, candle light dinners, surprise gifts and heartfelt messages are no longer a rarity. Yeayyi!

newly engaged

4. Mummy ka pyaar

You’ll be pampered with khoob sara pyaar. It’s an emotional time for our parents to know that their daughter will soon be married. And mum turns no stone unturned to pamper her little princess. All your favourite dishes, Sunday champis, birthday gifts...it’s all sprinkled with some extra motherly love.


5. No more deadlines

11 pm deadline...what’s that?! Hahaha! Really, now that you’re partying with your husband-to-be, parents get a lot more relaxed with the curfew. They know he is there to take good care of you and they also understand that you’re now a grownup (and engaged!).

newly engaged

6. Makeover time begins!

As a newly engaged girl, you want to just dress more fab, take extra care of your skin, experiment with makeup, try out a special new diet…the works. And all this sure does make you feel great about yourself. This is that courtship period when you want to look your absolute best!

7. Devars, bhabhis...an all new family :)

Getting engaged opens up your world to an all new family. And this is when you start bonding with the devars, the bhabhis and other cousins. There are funny family details being shared, lots of leg pulling and meetup plans. It feels so special to receive so much love from the wonderful people of your new family.

newly engaged

8. Shaadi excitement!

So that time…from being newly engaged to fixing the shaadi date and the D-day itself, excitement levels shoot right above the ceiling! Wedding planning with the friends, deciding the honeymoon location, outfits, jewellery, makeup - it’s just the best ever feeling. Someone or the other is always sending in their wishes and the entire atmosphere is full of love and magic.

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