How To Look Like A Pro At The Gym (Even If You Aren’t) *Wink*

How To Look Like A Pro At The Gym (Even If You Aren’t) *Wink*
Motivation plays an important role when it comes to working out, but what also matters is your gym etiquette and how you dress up when you work out. Both, gym rats who spend hours working out and newbies who’ve just joined a gym, are at risk of making faux pas during their workout sessions. Here are some useful pointers to help you look like a pro at the gym.

1. Tame the mane

If your hair is below shoulder length then you’re likely to find stray strands all over your face while you workout. Girls with short hair can wear a nice headband or a bandana to keep their mane in check. Girls with longer locks can go for a messy bun or a neat braid to keep them from your face. You can only workout in long, loose locks when you're in a Bolywood movie ;)

how to look like a pro at the gym

2. Avoid 100 percent cotton clothing

As comfortable as wearing cotton sounds, it absorbs all the moisture in the air and sweat on  your body. It is also a slow-drying fabric which can result in uneasiness and restrict your movements. Moreover, cotton can cause skin rashes and abrasions if you have sensitive skin. Trade your cottons with polyester or lycra - two fabrics that aid your movements and let you breathe.

3. The Fitbit way!

Of course you need a watch to keep track of the time you spend at the gym but a device that not only a watch but keeps a track of your steps, calories, distance AND sleep before workout is a bonus, isn't it? Fitbit Blaze is the fitness wrist band we’ve all been crushing on. It keeps track of all your fitness needs. SO. MUCH. WIN!

how to look like a pro at the gym

4.  Choose comfort over style

Yes, we all love to look stylish when we are working out and not to forget the extra attention we draw out of it *wink* BUT you should always wear comfortable clothes to the gym. Stylish clothes don’t necessarily have to be uncomfortable too. Form-fitted outfits in stretchable fabrics are best as they help you in movement and flexibility.

5. Pay attention to your assets!

Not wearing a sports bra during a workout is common practise in case of small chested women. A lot of women face breast tissue injuries because they wear the wrong bra during a heavy workout session, which can lead to sagging boobs or stretch marks around your chest area. During running, playing a sport or other high intensity workouts, one should opt for a high intensity bra which gives maximum support and reduces the risk of any injury. Whereas, for low impact and moderate exercises like yoga, walking or weights, a low support or medium support sports bra works!

how to look like a pro at the gym

6. Stay in between the lines

It's absolutely great to flaunt those crazy toned legs but be careful not to showcase your panty lines - they can be quite unsightly. Low rise thongs or synthetic panties are skimpy and soft enough to hide under the tightest pair of leggings! You go, girl!

7. SIN-derella!

The biggest sin one can commit at the gym is wearing the wrong footwear. When you wear any or every shoe to the gym, you are actually risking a major foot injury! For the best workout, wear a comfortable pair of shoes that have a flexible sole and a firm grip so that you don’t slip while working out and your feet have ample cushioning!

how to look like a pro at the gym

8. Avoid make-up!

It's not ideal to workout with  makeup on because you are going to sweat most of it and you don’t want it to run all over your face. Also, waterproof makeup traps sweat and doesn’t let your pores breathe. This will further lead to clogged pores, blackheads and breakouts. Since you eliminate toxins when you sweat, wearing makeup is a big no-no.

9. Smell Good

It's inevitable that you will sweat while you workout, so use a deodorant. Simple!

how to look like a pro at the gym

10. Don’t accessorise to exercise

You heard me! With all the extra running and jumping, jewellery pieces like rings, bracelets or neckpieces should be avoided as they might keep moving and even cause a rash. Who knows, they might just get caught up on someone's clothes or even your own hair! I’m sure you don’t want to cause trouble to yourself or anyone around you. :P

*This is a sponsored post for Fitbit.