How To Make Your Basic Bun A Whole Lot More Fun!

How To Make Your Basic Bun A Whole Lot More Fun!
Twisting your hair up in a bun is the easiest way to manage it during these hot summer months. This effective hairstyle makes you look stylish while keeping all your hair in place. But who says that you always have to go for the boring, traditional bun? We tell you how to add a fun twist to it in just four easy steps!

Difficulty Level: As easy as blowing balloons!!

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Step 1: Make a side parting in your hair

Step 2: Start by twisting two front sections of your hair together and add more sections as you go. Secure with pins below the ear.

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Step 3: Repeat on the other side.

Step 4: Braid your remaining hair into a rope braid and coil it into a messy bun at the back.

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Step 5: Look fabulous throughout the day!