10 Highly Sexist Comments We’re SO Tired Of Hearing!

10 Highly Sexist Comments We’re SO Tired Of Hearing!
There is no dearth of ridiculous things we girls have to hear every single day of our lives. Some of these statements are supremely sexist and this is us venting out because we’ve had enough! Do us a favour; the next time you hear one of these, please don’t take it sitting down!

1. “You’re very funny for a girl.”

No, I’m funny. Period. And my humour makes your humour look like pigeon poop. It’s time you just dealt with that and moved on.

1 highly sexist statements

2. “We all know women drivers suck.”

Who is this “We”? Some of the best drivers I know are women. Besides, if one of us ‘accidentally’ drives you over a cliff, do you really blame us? Now, did I drive the point home or should I continue?

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3. “Ugh! Women bosses are the worst.”

Why? Because they know how to kick your ass and actually get work done?

3 highly sexist statements

4. “Why is she dressed like a hooker?”

Stop judging us women for everything we wear or don’t wear. Before you say anything, take a minute to remember that your mom’s sari blouse shows the same amount of skin as any crop top.

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5. “I prefer a girl with no makeup”

And I prefer a guy who knows that he’s wasting his breath with these inane opinions. So...ya!

5 highly sexist statements

6. “You don’t have to worry so much about your career. You’re a girl.”

It’s so cute how you still live in the 18th century. NOT.

7. “Why do girls abuse. It’s so tacky!”

We do it to keep idiots like you in check. *Smiles sweetly*

7 highly sexist statements

8. “If a woman makes the first move, she’s desperate.”

So tell us again how it feels to be eternally single?

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9. “She’s married and she’s wearing that!”

The only thing a girl should stop wearing once she’s married is the weight of others’ opinions.

9 highly sexist statements

10. “Women should be seen, not heard”

*Points to a blank slate* Look at all the f*cks I give!

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