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9 Cute Ways To Make Him A Part Of The Shaadi Planning!

9 Cute Ways To Make Him A Part Of The Shaadi Planning!

Now it’s no secret that men are not exactly as excited as us when it comes to planning the wedding. They don’t really care if the drapes are salmon pink and not blush pink, or if the reception entry is a basic walk through and not full on Bollywood type - they really just care about getting married! But little do they know just how important this day is to us. So if you too want him to be a part of the planning process, here are 9 areas he’ll be more than happy to help!

1. The youngsters’ party!

Now this one we’re sure he’s interested in! So why not start out by letting him plan the crazy, wild night with all your friends? It’s a lot easier than the wedding and he’ll love picking a hip new place, sorting out the drinks, ordering fun props and all the works for the youngsters. ways to include him in the wedding planning

2. Your couple song

Trust us, deciding the perfect song for the two of you to dance on the sangeet takes a lot more time than you thought. This is one task you can definitely delegate to him and, you never know, he might come up with real fun options too! The practise sessions are fun at another level!

3. Honeymoon calling!

Just close your eyes and ask him to surprise you. He’ll be thrilled and would want to do his very best! I know us girls can be very picky about our honeymoon, so throw in a couple of hints if you want...the hills, beach, somewhere cold or adventurous. Let him know and then just go with the flow.
ways to include him in the wedding planning

4. Let’s go food tasting

Girls, we swear, he won’t say no to this one! Like I could go food tasting for even my neighbour’s wedding! Include him in all your food tasting sessions. That way he’ll be a part of the planning and won’t even feel like he’s work!

5. Coffee dates...with the planner

Don’t call it a meeting. Ask him to join you for a coffee date that also includes the wedding planner! This way he’ll get a heads up on all that’s happening and you can later have your own sweet personal time too. Maybe he’ll even have a spontaneous idea to share! ways to include him in the wedding planning

6. Take him shopping!

Yes, we know how guys hate that stuff! But you need to drag him out of his comfort zone, for colour coordination of course! Don’t make it a long and tiring day. Zero down on a few good boutiques for men and take a sample of your lehenga colour swatch along. BannerTeal 500px

7. The pre-wedding shoot

Not only will it give you two some much needed time off, but you can even feed him with bits of the planning progress at the shoot. It’s also a great time to ask for inputs and discuss the little ceremonies in detail!
ways to include him in the wedding planning

8. Djwale babu

Yeah, men love the music bit! Just let him do it and he’ll be more than glad to help.

9. Bar for the baaraat!

Now that’s one department my fiance gladly handled. Men know their drinks and without doubt can do a better job of analyzing the quantities required, and the likes and dislikes of guest. Give him a free hand and we swear he wouldn’t disappoint. ways to include him in the wedding planning GIFs: Giphy, Tumblr HAVE A STORY IDEA FOR POPxo? If you want to hear about it, we can write about it! Just tell us your idea here! MUST-READ: 7 Times It’s Totally Okay to Freak Out While Planning Your Wedding MUST-READ: 12 Things No One Tells You About Planning A Wedding
Published on May 12, 2016
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