Dear Big Brother, Here’s Why You Make Me Want To Hug You!

Dear Big Brother, Here’s Why You Make Me Want To Hug You!
Your older brother is not only family, but he’s also your best friend and sometimes your mentor! He’s one of those few people who will go out of his way just to bring a smile to your face. Which is why, here are 8 things you need to thank your older brother for. (He’s the best, after all!)

1. Thank you for always wanting the best for me

There’s nothing in this world that makes your brother happier than seeing his baby sister killing it in life. He wants her to have the best, and never settle for less. Whether it’s choosing the right guy or a taking up the right job, he’s always by your side. Like a guardian angel!

things to thank your older brother

2. Thank you for making me a part of your world too

The reason why you might be exceptionally brilliant at playing video games and knowing all the football player’s names and teams may be because your big brother taught you well, right?! Not many girls are lucky enough to have such an early window into “guy world”. Give him a teddy bear hug now!

3. Thank you for being my shield

On days when you were at fault, your big brother saved you from a scolding, covered for you, and even took the the blame - especially when it came to your parents. He did so because he loves you! You owe him your life for this one.

things to thank your older brother

4. Thank you for offering me the best advice in the world!

You have to admit, no one is a better problem solver than your big brother. Not only does he offer some fabulous advice, but you can also talk to him about anything under the sun - because you know he’s there for you, all ears. He’ll always make sure that you make good choices in life. In short, he rocks!

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5. Thank you for believing in me

He’s the one who has always supported your dreams from the very beginning. He believes in you and is motivating you at every step you take. When you need a helping hand, he’s always there to offer you one. Isn’t it such a blessing when your number one supporter is a person you’ve known literally all your life?!

things to thank your older brother

6. Thank you for being my partner in crime

When comes to escaping boring family functions and covering up with little white lies, the two of you are pros at it! Without him, you know life wouldn’t be as much fun. The best part is that the two of you help each other get out of these troublesome situations and have oodles of fun while doing it too!

7. Thank you for never saying no

Need help with your homework? Boyfriend advice? Internet password? Ask your brother - he’ll NEVER say no. He does his best to make things easier for you only because he cares. He knows you need him, and he’s always going to be there for you.

things to thank your older brother

8. Thank you for making me a strong woman

The beauty of life is having someone watch and guide you all through your journey. Your big brother is one important person behind your success. He’s taught you how to accept failure with grace and appreciate success like you deserve every bit of it. He’s simply amazing!

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