5 Struggles You'll Totally Get If Your Hair Is Frizzy!

5 Struggles You'll Totally Get If Your Hair Is Frizzy!
Unmanageable, tangle-prone, and hard to handle - frizzy hair is a big pain in the butt! Tried everything possible for a frizz-free mane but nothing really worked? We totally get you, girl. Here are five things that only girls with frizzy hair will understand…

1. You secretly hate people with straight hair!

Girls with straight hair are truly blessed and can wash their hair without having to worry about the aftermath! But not us girls with frizzy hair. As weird as it sounds, day 2 hair is more like a blessing to us than to anyone else. You know the oil and grime that builds up over time on your mane? We love it. It is the only way our hair ever looks neat.

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2. You spend half an hour prepping your hair...and it’s useless!

Isn’t it such a pain when someone asks you to go out for a dinner or for those fun girls’ nights? You  totally forget about the fun and instead only think of the effort you have to make to set your hair. Yes yes yes! We are very sure that you have honed your skills at setting your hair. However, does it still turn out to be a major mess every time you step out? The heat and the sweat causes your frizz to reappear within two minutes of setting your hair, and it ends up looking twice as bad. Basically, you end up with absolutely dreadful locks! *sigh*

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3. Rain rain, go away!

Frizzy hair and rain are the worst enemies. If it’s raining and you’re caught in it by accident, God help you! Rain for you is all sorts of disasters waiting to happen. The moisture in the air causes twice as much frizziness and makes you feel twice as miserable. We feel you, sistah!

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4. Conditioning is not an option, it’s a necessity!

Well let's just put it this way - if you don’t condition your hair, you look like Hagrid from Harry Potter. Conditioning your hair is a must for you since it moisturises and nourishes your tresses and discourages frizz.

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5. Not just oil!

JUST using oil is not an option for you and is not the cure for bad-hair days. Your love-hate relationship with oil is growing with time. Not using it means your hair loses out on the nourishment, but using oil and then using soooo much shampoo to wash it off leaves your hair even frizzier and dry. Really, dear hair, WHAT is your problem? *sigh*

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