foods to avoid before your wedding

Foods That You MUST Avoid Before Your Wedding Day!

Sanya Jain

Guest Contributor

You might feel, after reading this list, that brides are not allowed to eat anything with sugar and spice and everything nice, but there is a reason for that! Here is a list of ten food items that you should not eat a day before your wedding to look your gorgeous best on your big day.

1. A Plate of Rajma-Chawal or Tacos

Yummy, aren’t they? But kidney beans can cause gas and bloating - two things you definitely don’t want on the day of your wedding! Unless you want your lehanga-choli to look tight, skip the beans for grains. If you must eat beans, eat the ones that are easier to digest, like black beans.

1 foods to avoid before your wedding

2. Dairy Products, Like Milk or Curd

A lot of people are very sensitive to dairy products. If you are even slightly lactose intolerant, cut out all milk and milk products from your diet two weeks before the wedding. Plain hung yoghurt, however, is okay as it promotes better digestion.

3. A Cheese Pizza

Now there are at least ten reasons why you should not gorge on a cheese pizza before your wedding day, but the important one is that the bread and cheese are so hard to digest! If you are already nervous on the day of your wedding, the grease and fat in cheese can make you feel nauseated and bloated.

3 foods to avoid before your wedding

4. Soda and Carbonated Beverages

The carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks can expand your stomach and make you look bloated. In the functions leading up to the wedding, therefore, we suggest you stick to fresh fruit juices and water to keep yourself hydrated and help your stomach look flatter.

5. Salty Anything

Again, the reason is that you don’t look bloated! The sodium in salt will help retain water in your body, making you look bloated. Steer clear of anything salty to avoid water retention.

5 foods to avoid before your wedding

6. Candies and Cookies with Artificial Sweeteners

We understand that you crave comfort food but artificial sweeteners are hard to break down inside the body. They can cause indigestion, something you most certainly don’t want on the most important day of your life! Reach out instead for naturally sugared foods like fruits.


7. Beer or Alcohol

The term ‘beer belly’ exists for a reason! You don’t want to look bloated with a muffin top on your wedding day! You also don’t want to be looking hungover with puffy eyes because you were partying the night before. We suggest you save the alcohol for the honeymoon!

7 foods to avoid before your wedding

8. Anything Spicy

Spicy food items can trigger sweating in the body, so save that plate of spicy rajma chawal for until after the wedding! After all, you don’t want sweat stains on your beautiful dress. The same applies also to anything with caffeine.

9. Chewing Gum

Besides the high concentration of artificial sweeteners in chewing gum, they also make you swallow a lot of air that goes straight to your stomach to make you look bloated. Use mints for fresh breath instead!

9 foods to avoid before your wedding

10. Broccoli or Cabbage

Broccoli and cabbage are cruciferous vegetables which contain raffinose, a sugar that causes indigestion and bloating. Opt instead for vegetables like lettuce and ladyfingers!

We suggest you stick to salads and fresh food to avoid water retention, and keep your tummy clean and healthy!

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Published on May 18, 2016
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