5 Good Foods You Can Start Eating NOW and Reap the Rewards of Healthy Hair

5 Good Foods You Can Start Eating NOW and Reap the Rewards of Healthy Hair
In an ideal world, (apart from being rich and famous of course!) you’d have silky, long, gorgeous hair that won’t need too much looking after, and will look #onfleek at all times! Well, we were only talking about the ideal world. This, in reality, will require quite some effort from your end. Looking after your diet, for one, can help. No, we aren’t asking you to eat anything outrageous – here’s a list of easily available foods good for healthy hair that will really help you have long, lustrous locks tomorrow. After all, dreams really can come true!

1. Oh Omega-3

Our body doesn’t naturally produce Omega 3, the good fatty acid that keeps our hair and skin hydrated as it provides essential oil to the scalp. For healthy hair, load up on foods that are rich in Omega-3. This vital fatty acid will add lustre and strength to your mane.

What To Eat: Fish, avocados, walnuts, flax seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds.

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2. Punch Of Protein

2 foods that will make your hair grow

Your beautiful tresses are made of protein. Therefore, needless to say, protein is an important food for healthy hair. Consumption of protein-rich foods aid hair growth and you’ll see results quicker than expected.

What To Eat: Eggs, chicken, fish, legumes, nuts and dairy products.

3. The Zing Of Zinc

For those luscious locks you see in shampoo commercials, you’ve got to love the zinc-rich foods for healthy hair. Abundant zinc in your system is a catalyst to long and healthy hair. So the next time you pass by a vendor serving you some yummy oysters with lemon juice sprinkled on top, grab some then and there. Slurp!

What To Eat: Oysters, beef, eggs, cereal and whole grains.

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4. Biotin – Bring It On!

4 foods that will make your hair grow

Gorging on nuts is your fast-forward way to impressively long hair. The biotin or Vitamin B7 present in them is known to promote hair growth. This biotin creates healthy hair cells, and ladies, who doesn’t want those! So, consciously eat more of biotin rich nuts and foods for healthy hair and watch your locks shine with pride.

What To Eat: Almonds, walnuts and pecans. You can try Biotin supplements too.

5. Catch The C-Vitamin

Getting your daily dose of Vitamin C will show its effect on your mane, and luckily it's available in so many foods! Therefore, eating vitamin C rich foods is essential for healthy hair as they help in the production of collagen that plays an important role in the production of thick and long hair.

What To Eat: Blueberries, strawberries, sweet potatoes, papayas, oranges and broccoli.

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