4 Brides Reveal Shaadi Splurges That Are Really NOT Worth It

4 Brides Reveal Shaadi Splurges That Are Really NOT Worth It
Weddings are a lot about the money, honey! I mean there is just too much happening and sometimes we do end up splurging on things that are, ummm, not exactly worth it. So here’s some real time advice just so don’t make that mistake. And girl, you’ve got to take this one seriously because these aren’t just any woman. These are all real brides from the big fat wedding industry dishing out secrets from their own shaadi planning!

1. Tons of heavy jewellery…Naah!

 wedding splurges that are not worth it

“Most of the jewellery I wore was my grandmother's. It made me feel like a part of her was with me, all through. Buying tons of new jewellery for your wedding - stuff that you'll literally wear only once, or twice, is avoidable, in my opinion.”

- Bhumi Ahluwalia from Bhumi & Simran Photography

2. Expensive flowers are such a waste!

“This is not my personal experience but something I often get to hear from my brides. A lot of them feel flowers are a waste at the wedding – especially for a beach wedding or a summer wedding. And so for a recent wedding at Samui we used paper instead of flowers! There were buntings on the ceiling and paper flowers on the tables, origami strings hanging from the bridal cabana and the end result was totally worth it!”

- Devika Narain, Wedding Designer and Event Stylist

3. The ridiculously expensive wedding outfit

 wedding splurges that are not worth it

“I think that those ridiculously ‘bridal’ and pricey wedding outfits are an absolute waste of money. When I say bridal I mean something you can never wear again out of fear of out dressing the bride at another wedding. It is the outfit that you spend several lakhs on but it just sits in a box for decades after your wedding, coming out to be aired or shown off, but that’s all. I myself selected a colour and style for my wedding which was versatile and wearable as separates or as a set. It is just a question of how it’s styled.”

- Mitali Sagar, Fashion Blogger, House Of Misu

4. Expensive wedding favours are not always the best choice

“My sister-in-law made beautiful brocade bags with little goodies like sandalwood powder, a wooden comb, bangles and a pretty printed note for each guest. Personalizing gifts can be a lot nicer and more cost-effective.”

- Bhumi Ahluwalia from Bhumi & Simran Photography

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5. The wedding invite!

 wedding splurges that are not worth it

“We spend a lot of time, effort and money on the wedding invite. From figuring out the packaging to the boxes and what goodies go into them, it’s a whole lot of work and money. And it’s only a couple of minutes that any guest ever looks at the invite before finally chucking it in some corner. If I could go back, I would have just done a simple envelope with a beautiful handmade-paper invite.”

- Anika Gupta, Founder, Rani Pink

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