10 Amazing Fashion Items To Make You *Feel* Sexy... Instantly!

10 Amazing Fashion Items To Make You *Feel* Sexy... Instantly!
“My idea of sexy is that less is more. The less you reveal the more people can wonder.” Correctly put by our favourite actress – Emma Watson – being sexy is never about showing more skin, it is about personality and charisma and a little help from the right fashion items. Some items inadvertently have sexy written all over them. Here are some everyday fashion pieces that look sexy.

1. Deep Backs And Bare Shoulders!

1 fashion items that are sexy

You’d imagine that the only thing that looks sexy is a dress with a deeper neckline. But that’s not entirely true. Sometimes, keeping certain parts hidden keeps the mystery alive and can therefore be sexier. Showing off the back and shoulders can be exciting and intriguing.

2. Anything Lace!

From a lace dress to a simple lacy camisole underneath your clothes, lace looks subtly desirable. Make sure to pick something that has delicate lace and not something really blotchy. Lace works wonders when it comes to increasing the sex appeal of any outfit!

3. Slinky Stilettos!

3 fashion items that are sexy

The higher the better  – in terms of the sexy quotient  – but they may not be the best for your feet, so make sure you don’t wear them for long hours. Heels, especially stilettos and peep toes, look attractive, no doubt, and if you can walk comfortably in them, that’s a double whammy!

4. Minimalistic Earrings

Sometimes a tiny crystal or a sparkly bauble looks much more tempting than large danglers. Once in a while, go for a clean, minimalist look by adorning your ears in sweet little earrings. Trust us it’s luscious.

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5. A Nice Fitted Trench Coat!

5 fashion items that are sexy

It works exactly like fitted suits work on men. A trench coat  in camel colour is a delightful combination and makes you look elegant. The neatly belted coat on the waist looks much more ravishing than a loose one. Whoever said you can only look sexy in lesser clothes.

6. A Red Dress!

We all know red makes one feel more confident, but red also is sensual. It works as a trigger and draws attention in all the right ways. A red dress will always make a woman look attractive and sexy. No wonder people choose a red dress to wear on dates!  

7. Gorgeous Lingerie!

7 fashion items that are sexy

There isn’t much to explain about this one, is there? Lingerie can be cute and pretty, but sometimes opting for sexy lingerie without going risque might be a good idea for you and your confidence. Pick lacy or mesh ones, they look amazing and feel ever better!

8. Pencil Skirts!

The curve defining skirt looks great on women. Pick one that flatters your body type the most. It looks beautiful as it hugs you comfortably and is definitely high on spunk. Pencil skirts along with heels and a nice top can look elegant.

9. Stockings!

9 fashion items that are sexy

Yes, thin mesh stockings can look intriguing to anyone who sees a woman wearing it. Because of the little sneak-peek of your skin underneath and the way they define your legs they are definitely sexy. But make sure you stay away from tacky details on the stockings.

10. Great Workout Clothes!

Yes, you read that right. Fitted activewear leggings, a racer back top and some great shoes. This outfit is subtly sexy as it highlights the best assets of one’s body. The excitement of someone who works out in these fitted clothes - a definite 100 percent on the sexiness scale!

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