11 Everyday Fashion Items That Might Be *Harming* You!

11 Everyday Fashion Items That Might Be *Harming* You!
You walk out of the house in your new red stilettos, wearing the black pencil skirt that fits perfectly and those gorgeous earrings that you picked up on your last trip to the mall. You’re proud of the big utilitarian handbag that you’re carrying because it stores your laptop and all your important things in one place. You choose your underwear carefully so that nothing is visible on the outside. You’re ready to takeover the world, day after day, but do you realise these same items that you’ve chosen might harm you in the long run? The things we ignore for the sake of looking fabulous in the present may trouble us in the future! Here is a statutory warning about certain items that might be causing you more harm than you’d think, are you willing to take that risk?

1. Synthetic Underwear (Especially Thongs!)

Summers are here, wearing cotton underwear is the best bet. Synthetic material can cause bacterial and fungal infections as sweat gets trapped in it and this may lead to skin rashes, heat acne and are not so comfortable either. Even thongs for that matter - they barely cover your vital parts and thus makes the body more susceptible to infections.

2. Our Beloved Flip Flops!

 fashion items that are bad

Flip flops may seem like the most desirable things in summer, but trust us, wearing these on an everyday basis is only going to harm you. Flip flops are not designed in a way to support your feet and limbs. They were made for beaches and pools...not even for everyday wear at home. They don’t provide the right arch support and thus can lead to major knee and shin pain, along other ankle tissue damage.

3. Big Utilitarian Handbags!

The easiest thing to find is that one huge bag that can be stuffed with everything that you might need. From your sunglasses to your laptop and maybe a diary. Your handbag might be a great space to keep everything, but unless it has trolleys, your shoulders have to bear the burden of all that weight. This will lead to chronic muscle pain in the neck, arms, elbows and back. And if you have to carry so much stuff on you, we suggest you get a backpack or keep switching sides!

4. Skinny Skinny Jeans!

 fashion items that are bad

Skinny jeans fit tightly around the waist, knees, calves and thighs, leaving very little room for blood circulation - they just fit so snugly around the body. The tight waist can further lead to digestive issues as they constrain the stomach area and also come in the way of normal breathing. They can also cause overall discomfort and numbness, especially on the legs, as they leave no space for our skin to breathe freely.

5. Very High Heels!

High heels might make you feel more confident and sexy, but a lot has been spoken about high heels causing bodily dysfunction. They cause your body to arch forward in a certain way so there is added pressure on your toes, back and knees. Thus, wearing high heels regularly may cause some serious damage to your back and joints! If you love wearing heels, go ahead, but make sure to not wear them too frequently, or two days running.

6. Fitted Pencil Skirts

 fashion items that are bad

Pencil skirts do look sexy and define your thighs in a flattering manner. But allow us to tell you what really goes on in your body when you wear a tight pencil skirt. Your knees are forcefully clamped together, which may not even allow you to walk freely or bend; this in turn will cause major joint issues. In the worst case scenario, super tight skirts may also cause slip disc problems. Don’t ditch them completely, wear them when you feel like...but make sure it’s not too tight and you don’t wear them for long hours!

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7. Tight Shapewear!

Shapewear is designed to compress the body and make it appear slender. They squeeze your body in and you can imagine or you may have even experienced what this does to your bodily functions. Now, you can wear corsets and tummy tuckers once in a while, but wearing them too often may lead to major breathing and digestion related issues.

8. Heavy Necklaces

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Long heavy necklaces have more repercussions than you can probably imagine. They sit at the neck taking all the support from the base, making your body hunch forward. This leads to restraining the chest muscles, which can bring an overall change in the posture and might give you a hunchback. You’re inviting trouble for your neck, shoulders, back and even the spinal cord if you wear these heavy pieces for too often! Switch them with tiny pendants once in a while!

9. Pointed Shoes

Pointed shoes, heels or flats look really suave, but the mechanism of the shoe is such that the toes are pushed together, which might lead to bunions and corns if worn for long hours. Instead, wear them every now and then or for fewer hours! Wearing these shoes on a daily basis may result in a complete change of bone structure. Heard of the bound feet practice?!

10. Huge Earrings

 fashion items that are bad

We’ve all felt uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing those heavy earrings, haven’t we? This pain is not just temporary, but there is actually a chance of a long lasting damage caused to the earlobe. There is unwanted pressure on the ear cartilage and it also expands the piercing hole. Try to wear ear studs or go for lightweight jewellery.

11. The Wrong Bra

A lot of women end up wearing the wrong bra unconsciously. Bras are designed in a way to fit you perfectly from every angle. So when you do wear a wrong bra, you can see the difference yourself. This will cause your tender tissues to get damaged with the underwire sticking into them. It also constricts usual breathing if it’s too tight. And in case the straps are tight, it might lead to more neck, shoulders and back pain! Always get your measurements correct and wear the right size.

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