Skirt, Jacket, Palazzos: FAB Ways To Use Your Mom’s Old Sarees!

Skirt, Jacket, Palazzos: FAB Ways To Use Your Mom’s Old Sarees!
We would be lying if we say that we never raid our mom’s closet. Diving into our mother’s closet, fishing out the prettiest clothes we can get our hands on and walking in her shoes (literally) even if they don’t fit is something all of us have been doing ever since we were little girls. Along with being a powerhouse of wisdom, courage, mindfulness and love, mothers also have the best wardrobe collections...especially when it comes to sarees. Ever so often, they get bored of their old sarees and they simply stack them at the back of cupboards. If your mom has her list of sarees she is never going to wear, then you can take them off her hands. Here are 5 fashionable things you can do with her old saree!

1. Turn her printed chiffon saree into wide legged trousers

1 old saree

Image: Garvita Garg. Follow her blog here!

A light chiffon saree is every Indian woman’s wardrobe staple. If you find one old chiffon saree, then why not turn it into a pair of pretty wide legged trousers? Wide legged trousers and palazzos are always in vogue and they’re so versatile that you can wear them with kurtis as well as crop tops.

2. Revamp it into a shrug

2 old saree

Image: Trushna Parekh. Follow her blog here!

With more than 4 meters of fabulous fabric at your disposal, there is nothing you can’t do or make with it. All you need to do is get your creative hat on and get them ideas rolling. For instance, a cute shrug that goes with all the clothes in your closet. Yes, it’s possible, and yes, it looks oh-so-fab!

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3. Turn it into a patiala salwar

3 old saree

Image: Pavitra Acharya. Follow her blog here!

Another way to keep the beauty alive and give your mom’s old saree the limelight it deserves is by turning it into a pretty patiala salwar and a dupatta set. Wear it with a simple printed kurti, and voila! You have a brand new salwar suit that’ll make you look and feel beautiful in.

4. Turn it into a slit maxi skirt

4 old saree

Image: Sonia Thiyam. Follow her blog here!

One of the most comfortable staples in the skirts department is the quintessential maxi skirt. Because of their versatility and their ability to transform any look into something glam or downright cool, these skirts have become a fashion favourite. Take your mom’s old saree and run to your tailor. Create a chic maxi skirt out of it and get a side slit to add some pizzazz...and there you have it - an instantly sophisticated item!

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5. Or a cool paper bag skirt!

5 old saree

Image:Monalisha Mahapatra. Follow her blog here!

And if you’re feeling a little playful and adventurous, then turn that old saree into a fab paper bag skirt. Take a generous length of the saree and fasten it at the waist using an elastic band. Tie a thin waist belt to finish off the look.