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Thoughts Every Virgin Has Just Before Her Wedding Night!

Thoughts Every Virgin Has Just Before Her Wedding Night!
Being a 20-something virgin on your wedding night is probably the most underrated cause for stress. Before the wedding, you stay up all night talking to your ‘experienced’ friends or elder sister, while giggling in nervous anticipation about your ‘first time’. You also try to get as much gyaan on the human anatomy as possible. All this while you’re in the middle of shaadi preparations and relatives playfully keep nudging you about the suhaag raat. Sound familiar? Here are 9 thoughts you’ll totally relate to if you’re a virgin on your wedding night!

1. “I trust in the power of my lacy nothings…”

Specifically, my barely-there thong and bra-that-leaves-nothing-to-the-imagination. ;)

Thoughts on wedding night

2. “Will it hurt?”

The BIG question. And the answer is - it depends, and maybe a little bit.

Thoughts on wedding night

3. “What do I with my hands...or my legs?”

Mera Piya Ghar Aaya, oh no!

Thoughts on wedding night

4. “I should talk to X, Y and Z!”

X’s friend - Y - knows Z, and Z has been married for years now. I bet she’ll have some tips for me.

Thoughts on wedding night

5. “Can I say no?”

“Will he think I don’t like him if I tell him I don’t want to do it?”

Girl, you do you. And if you’re not comfortable having sex that very first night, tell him so! Trust us, there are many couples who just talk all night long. There is no one way of doing the suhaag raat!

Thoughts on wedding night

6. “Why doesn’t bua quit her jokes already?”

Will that pesky bua ever stop with her suhaag raat jokes? Oh wait, here comes another one!

Thoughts on wedding night

7. “Should I make the first move? Or will he?”

What is the first move!?!

Thoughts on wedding night

8. “What will everyone think of me? Haww!”

Everyone’s going to know I did it the next day. I’m going to DIE. OF. SHAME.

Thoughts on wedding night

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