Worried About Your Period? 5 Ways To STILL Enjoy The Honeymoon!

Worried About Your Period? 5 Ways To STILL Enjoy The Honeymoon!
What!!! Aunt Flow paid you a visit right at the beginning of your honeymoon? Such a bummer! But before you cry your eyes out and act as if all hell broke loose, take a deep breath and think what a landmark trip this is. It’s the beginning of your newlywed journey and you don’t wanna regret ruining your memories forever. Do you? First, if your dates are close to the wedding or honeymoon, consult your gynaecologist about birth control pills that might help delay them. If you are still surprised by the Red Band, here’s how you can deal with your period and still have an amazing time on your honeymoon.

1. When those cramps come calling

We sure know how painful those can be. You feel like you have rocks in the pit of your stomach. Relax, girl! That’s what allopathy is for. The good old Meftal Spas doesn’t disappoint when it comes to taking away the pain.

1 period on your honeymoon

2. The bloating

For the first 2 days of her period, every girl feels like a bloated hot air balloon. You can’t do justice to those bodycon dresses and bikinis that you packed with so much anticipation. Well, the good news is that good fashion can remedy all bad days. Switch to airy boho dresses, kaftans and empire line dresses on the beach. These will give you relief from that uncomfortable band around your waist and stylishly hides all your bloated imperfections.

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3. Bye, bye body ache

We have been on the suffering end of this b**** for years now and while you feel your body is crumbling in pain, your dear hubby is waiting on his side of the bed secretly wondering if you’re going to be ok. A hot water bath (hot, rather than tepid) works wonders on relaxing those muscles and soothe the pain. Enjoy a relaxing and sexy bath with your hubby. The romance will surely take away half the pain. Make sure you have tampons though!

4. The angry zit

It’s like a complimentary gift you get along with your period. Only, it’s not really a gift you wished for. Combat period acne with an over the counter benzoyl peroxide gel. Apply it sparingly on the pimple and leave it overnight. It would have subsided by the next morning and you’ll be able to cover it up with a makeup base. Say hello to honeymoon selfies! Otherwise, it’s the beauty selfie apps to the rescue. :)

4 period on your honeymoon

5. When you can’t do it the ‘regular’ way

But isn’t regular just plain boring? There’s more to romantic night than just sex. Explore each other’s bodies and get comfortable with each other. Find out what the other likes and if you’re still keen on doing the good old deed, maybe you can try different positions. Now that puts a sexy spin on period blues, doesn’t it?

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