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7 Hilarious Rejections That Will Make You Laugh Instead Of Cry!

We Indians have our own desi ways of doing things, be it proposing to someone...or rejecting someone! We’ve compiled 7 hilarious tweets about desi ways of rejecting someone. These tweets are so real that every Indian will smile because either they've used it on someone, or they would have heard about it from someone! Go on, see for yourself!

1. Every Indian has used this line at least once in their life! :P

desi ways of rejecting someone 1

Image: SiD on Twitter

2. Can SRK fans and Salman fans be friends? Now they can be! :D

desi ways of rejecting someone 2

Image: Fathima on Twitter

3. Because Indian girls don’t friendzone, they “Bhaizone”! ;)

desi ways of rejecting someone 3

Image: Fathima on Twitter

4. This one has to be our favourite. It made us laugh so hard!! :D

desi ways of rejecting someone 4

Image: Ankita Bhat on Twitter

5. Because we have our priorities!

desi ways of rejecting someone 5

Image: Yash Mehta on Twitter

6. Because what else does a girl live for, right?! *Facepalm*

desi ways of rejecting someone 6

Image: Pallavi on Twitter

7. There's no getting around that curfew!

7 desi ways of rejecting someone

Image: Akshay on Twitter

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Published on May 29, 2016
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