Cute (& Sexy!) Nightwear That Will Make Him Go ‘Wow’

Cute (& Sexy!) Nightwear That Will Make Him Go ‘Wow’

Now that you are a newlywed, the nights are heating up! But living with in-laws shouldn’t cramp your style. Which is why we bring you super cute and sexy nightwear pieces that you will love to flaunt in front of him. And some of these are modest enough that your in-laws will not have a heart attack if they caught you in it! Isn’t that a relief!

1. A nightshirt

cute nightwear 1 This is perfect for flaunting your legs, isn’t it? It’s comfy and sexy. You just need to wear pajama bottoms when stepping out of the room and no eyebrows will be raised. Price: Rs 719. Buy it here.

2. Cami and shorts set

cute nightwear 2


Oh, this is just so cute! We love the polka dots and the lace panels on the shorts. You can just throw on a t-shirt if you need to step out of the room and no one will be the wiser. Price: Rs 1,299. Buy it here.

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3. Long nightdress

cute nightwear 3 For the nights you want to go old school with a full nightie. But this isn’t your mom’s voluminous one! This pretty thing is cut close to your figure to flaunt those curves with a sexy slit on the side. Plus, we love the lace at the top. Price: Rs 749. Buy it here.

4. Chemise style

cute nightwear 4 We would love to wear this cute and short nightdress all around the house if we could! Just throw on a robe over it whenever modesty demands it. Price: Rs 1,200. Buy it here.             Banner Teal

5. Pajama set

cute nightwear 5 Pair these with your fuzzy slippers and you’ll look so pretty! We love the lace details and how comfy this pajama set is. Price: Rs 838. Buy it here.

6. Babydoll

cute nightwear 6 Yes, like the song name! This is just so sexy that he might melt into a puddle with one look at you. And which girl doesn’t want that. ;) Price: Rs 1,199. Buy it here.

7. Chemise and robe set

cute nightwear 7 We love the print on this one and the cute, little robe it comes with. Don’t you wish you could swan around in this all the time? Price: Rs 1,230. Buy it here.

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