11 Cute (And Slightly Cheesy) Moments *Every* Couple Shares!

11 Cute (And Slightly Cheesy) Moments *Every* Couple Shares!
Every couple is special in their own way, but what makes their relationship even more beautiful are those tiny moments that they share with each other. From paying random unexpected compliments, to ordering their favorite food, these little experiences make the relationship a stronger and a happier one too! Here are some moments that are worth sharing!

1. When you complete each other’s sentences…

You’ll be saying something midway and he’ll know what to say next. There is just a sense of wizardly magic in that, isn’t it?

2. When you catch his eyes at a party...

… Even though you’re standing far away from each other, and are in different conversations with different people, when you both land up staring at each other, it’s wonderful!

2 Cute moments that every couple shares

3. When you steal a kiss in a public place!

In the middle of nowhere, a bus, a parking lot or even a shopping mall, a tiny peck can stir something amazing inside of you when it’s least expected.

4. When you receive or send a random message in YOUR language...

“Hi pumpkin pie...puchies”. Receiving that in the midst of a chaotic Monday can surely make the day better!

4 Cute moments that every couple shares

5. When you order food according to what the other likes!

A chocolate cake instead of an apple pie for dessert, ‘cos he likes that better. Those expressions, just priceless!

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6. When he finds your hand in a crowded place...

Nothing can be better than feeling safe and sound in his company, especially when he holds your hand tightly in a crowded place.

6 Cute moments that every couple shares

7. When the radio plays his favorite song and you increases the volume!

… And along with that maybe sing a line or two - it’s just something he will realise much later, but will surely appreciate that you paid attention!

8. When your friends recognize you as one entity!

You are invited to all his parties by default and vice versa. There is a sense of belonging towards each other which makes the relationship stronger.

8 Cute moments that every couple shares

9. When either of you, take that extra detour to talk a bit longer!

It might be a longer route home, but if you get to talk on the phone or see them for even ten minutes extra, you don’t really mind that!

10. When he doesn’t dance, but still shakes a leg or two for you!

Basically, he has two left feet, but he gets on the dance floor ‘cos you enjoy dancing so much. That’s love, my darling!

10 Cute moments that every couple shares

11. When you coordinate your clothes!

He’s wearing blue, you’re wearing blue. You just look like a couple walking down the road, for the world to see and agree!

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