7 Ways To Style A Dress Without Looking Too “Girly”!

7 Ways To Style A Dress Without Looking Too “Girly”!
There are some of us who like all things pink and pretty, and there are some of us who prefer blacks to pinks and who like to go the edgier way than prettier...but all of us share a common love for dresses! If you’re not the one for pretty pink things, then this one’s for you. Here are 7 cool ways you can wear a dress and not look like a girly girl.

1. Wear with it brogues and sneakers

dress and not look girly

This goes with saying - ditch the heels. Wearing a dress with sneakers is the easiest way to tone the dress down and add a more laid-back casual vibe to it. And no better time than now to don the sneakers plus dress look because it is one of the top fashion trends of the season. You can also go the chic French girl way and pair your dress with oxford shoes and brogues - pretty. darn. cool!

2. Wear boxy silhouettes

Flowy dresses and frills are not your thing, we get it. Which is why we suggest a fab alternative silhouette that looks great on any body type - the very trendy shift dress! These dresses do not have a defined waist and do not stick to your body. They are a little oversized and drop down from your shoulder in a straight line. This gives the dress a more relaxed and easy-going look.

3. Throw on a graphic tee

dress and not look girly

If you are wearing a sleeveless dress, then wear a cool graphic tee on top of the dress. Knot up the bottom of the tee so it has a more cropped effect and stays in place. This looks great especially if you are wearing a maxi dress. Slip into you favourite pair of plimsolls and be the coolest trendsetter in town.

4. Wear it with bold unisex pieces

Team up your dress with a bold third piece like the iconic moto jacket or an oversized denim jacket. These pieces are unisex and when paired with dresses they take the girly element away from the dress and give it a tougher, cooler look. Rock and roll, baby!

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5. Wear a shirt dress with flats

A shirt dress, like the name suggests, is borrowed from the design of the traditional button-up shirt. They look exactly like shirts but they’re longer and most of them come with a thin waist belt that you can use to suit your individual style. A shirt dress, the comfiest pair of flats you own and a cute little backpack...and you’re good to go!

6. Wear it with ankle boots

 6 dress and not look girly

Don’t matter if it’s 35 degrees outside, slide your feet into the cool ankle boots lying in your closet and wear them with a skater dress. Make sure the dress ends above your knees if you are wearing it with boots in summer. You know how to work it!

7. Wear it with a loose, unbuttoned shirt

We all have that one button-up shirt we cannot part with! Trust your good ol’ shirt to take your outfit to the next level if you’re wearing a dress. Throw on a plain shirt if you’re wearing a printed dress and a cool printed shirt if you’re wearing a plain dress. Leave it unbuttoned and you have cool written all over you!

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