‘White Bra Under White Shirt?’ All Your Fashion Doubts Cleared!

‘White Bra Under White Shirt?’ All Your Fashion Doubts Cleared!
Ladies, although everybody has their own sense of style and you’re allowed to get creative in the name of experimentation and trends, we are sure that there are some basic fashion-related doubts that arise in your head while playing dress up. Here are some common fashion dilemmas and queries answered!

1. What colour underwear should I wear under white?

When wearing a white shirt or a blouse, or even a flimsy white dress, make sure to always wear  nude underwear. Since white shines underneath a white garment, do not wear white lingerie as it can be easily visible. It just looks odd.

2. Are open sandals okay with formal wear, can I skip the ballerinas & closed shoes?

Definitely! Ballerinas and closed shoes give you the sense that the outfit is complete, but wearing open sandals with formal pants is not a bad idea either. Do make sure your feet are nicely pedicured!

3. Do I need to wear heels with my dress to make it dressier?

3 common fashion doubts

No. These days you can wear dresses with sneakers, thong sandals or even open oxfords if you like. If you’d like to add an oomph factor then we suggest you go for heels, but comfy flat-forms look great too! All you need to make an outfit dressier is your confidence and a graceful walk!

4. Do I really need to wear a spaghetti under a translucent top?

We’d say a loud yes! If you are wearing a top that is see-through because of the fabric, it’s best to wear a thin skin coloured camisole underneath to keep the look neat and polished. If the top has a lot of prints and detailing, then you can wear a nice colour coordinated bralette!

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5. How do I max an oversized look without it looking ill-fitted?

The key here is to balance the proportions! Mix and match a large sweater with fitted denims and booties, a pair of mom jeans or boyfriend jeans with a fitted jersey tee and some pumps. Make the clothes work for you. Take inspiration from the latest trends and create something fun!

6. How much jewellery is okay with my outfits to work?

6 common fashion doubts

For general information, if you’re wearing long earrings, skip the necklace and vice versa. You don’t want to look like you are overdoing the bling! Sticking with tinier studs or drop earrings might be a better idea for corporate offices but even that varies according to the type of work culture a corporation might have.

7. Can I be dressed in the same colour from top to bottom?

Yes, you definitely can. If you are going to wear the same colour from top to bottom, play up the fabrics to keep things interesting. For instance, wear a cotton shirt with the same coloured mesh skirt. However, trying interesting colour combinations is always a great idea. Make sure you pick colours that are not too loud, balance the outfit out with nude shoes and simple jewellery.

8. How do I wear my five year old outfits without it looking so dated?

Luckily for you, a lot of trends are making a major comeback, so store those old outfits. Also, mixing yesteryear pieces with fresh designs will not only help you revamp your look, it’ll always revolutionize your personal style!

9. When is it okay to wear sandals with socks?

9 common fashion doubts

If you’re trying to nail the sandals with socks trend, we’d say go for it. Make sure you pick interesting combinations and your entire outfit goes well with the sandals+socks look! On the other hand, socks with loafers and mocassins may look slightly tacky, so we’d suggest opting for footies.

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