7 Little Complaints Every Girl Has About Her Boyfriend!

7 Little Complaints Every Girl Has About Her Boyfriend!
You can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. It’s the story of all our lives, ladies! Yes, you aren’t alone in registering complaints against your boyfriend to the universe, for we’re right there with you, complaining about the same things too. Let’s have a look at these 7 things that are driving us crazy in our relationships, shall we?

1. “He has no time for me, but he has all the time in the world for his friends!”

Yeah, yeah we know it’s not entirely true, but we just want the lion’s share of his time - even two years down the line. And it’s seriously annoying to have to cancel our plans because his friends had already planned something in advance.

Complaints most women have

2. “He doesn’t seem to care anymore. Earlier if I so much as shed one tear, he would…”

Now guys, if you could move mountains for us once, you can surely do it again! Don’t expect us to settle for anything less than what you gave us when we first fell for each other.

3. “He doesn’t even appreciate the things I do for him. It’s all the same for him.”

We really don’t expect our guys to keep thanking us for the little things that we voluntarily do - we do them ‘coz we love to do them. But here’s the thing, a little appreciation goes a long way - and it’s all the motivation we need to keep doing those things!

Complaints most women have

4. “He goes and does the exact same thing I ask him not to… It’s like he doesn’t even listen to the things I say to him!”

So guys do this, and then blame us for nagging! Wouldn’t it make all our lives simpler if you would just listen to us and not repeat the same thing over and over and over again?

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5. “He avoids talking about any real issue. I just find it so difficult to have a proper conversation with him.”

Why do most guys find it so difficult to address issues that are actually pretty important? Like isn’t it better to deal with some issue - be it possible commitment or marriage or whatever else it is, instead of constantly running away from it and trying to avoid it? Talk it out - it’s easier, really.

Complaints most women have

6. “He gives me no guarantees for the future, yet he wants me to stay with him.”

We understand that guys (just like many girls!) may have inhibitions about making future commitments - but that doesn’t mean that you can’t even give us an assurance for the simple things we ask of you. All we need to hear is that you love us and want to see us happy - and if you find this difficult to do, then maybe we’re both in the wrong relationship?

7. “He just wants to have sex. No foreplay before, no cuddling after.”

Guys, unless we feel like a part of the act and enjoy ourselves too, you wouldn’t have much fun either. So focus not only on having fun yourself, but also on pleasing us! And of course, we will return the favour too.

Complaints most women have

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