6 Super Pretty Manicures Perfect For Your Big Day!

6 Super Pretty Manicures Perfect For Your Big Day!
Girls, we are absolute fans of well done nails and it’s just so much more important when you are the bride! Everyone wants to look at your mehendi, the engagement ring, the bridal chuda and what not… And trust us, pretty nails do make a whole lot of difference, especially in pictures. While over-the-top is totally out of fashion, we are loving these bride’s subtle yet very bridal manicure styles.

1. Very berry red!

bridal manicure styles

Image: Bubblybridesandbites on Instagram

It’s not a necessity to go all OTT as a bride. We love the gorgeous deep shade of red on this bride’s nails. It’s no-fuss, traditional and looks great in every possible way.

2. White and embellished!

bridal manicure styles

Image: Bollywoodindiamyparadise on Instagram

If you’re the bride who loves doing things a little differently, add some white to your all-red look with nails like these! All white nails with silver embellishments look ‘oh so fab’!

3. Pink ’n’ gold!

bridal manicure styles

Image: Two Fireflies One Camera

Pink and gold with tons of glitter. We are absolutely loving this fresh and fun style! It’s not in-your-face but still manages to catch your eye. Super pretty this!

4. Glitter ’n’ gold!

bridal manicure styles

Image: Wedeilicious on Instagram

Honestly, I would’ve loved to do this for my wedding day. Nice and bright red nails with one nail in striking gold glitter. It adds just the right amount of spark to the traditional red bridal nails.

5. The elegant look

bridal manicure styles

Image: Indianweddingbuzz on Instagram

A coat of transparent nail paint with some silver glitter at the tips. Add on some silver stick-ons and you’re done. It’s classy and elegant and will go with all your shaadi outfits.

6. French manicure for the wedding

bridal manicure styles

Image: Colouredmirror on Instagram

Nothing looks as wonderful as a basic French manicure, yes, even for the wedding day! You can never go wrong with it and no matter what you’re wearing, it’s sure to make your nails look good!

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