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Smell Like A Dream: 7 AMAZING Perfumes For Summer!

Smell Like A Dream: 7 AMAZING Perfumes For Summer!

The scorching heat is the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a new fragrance or two to keep you feeling fresh in this sticky weather.  We give you the season’s coolest and dreamiest offerings that will transport you to the Mediterranean seaside or a dreamy floral paradise. Read on for the best fragrances for the season that totally smell like summer in a bottle!

1. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

1 best perfumes for summer Fresh, vibrant and energetic, this citrusy scent is just the start you need to a beautiful day. Green tea, jasmine, musk, mint and orange peel are some of the notes that will help you smell like a dream no matter how high the mercury rises. Price: Rs. 2,700 for 100 ml. Buy it here.

2. Marc Jacobs Cucumber

2 best perfumes for summer This clean, refreshing mist is just what you need in your bag at all times. A spritz of crisp cucumber is perfect to instantly refresh you on a hot, sweaty day. You’ll never leave home without it! Price: Rs. 4,137. Buy it here.

3. Bronze Goddess Capri by Estee Lauder

3 best perfumes for summer Doesn’t the name and bottle just scream summer? Inspired by the island of Capri, which is a dream summer locale, notes of lemon leaf, juicy mandarin, vanilla and blackcurrant will definitely put you in a sunny mood.  A delicately, refreshing scent that will have you grab attention wherever you go! Price: Rs. 4,346 Available at any Estee Lauder outlet.

4. Bobbi Brown Beach

4 best perfumes for summer A light happy scent that evokes sunshine and is sure to bring a spring to your step. With an intoxicating blend of jasmine, mandarin and sea spray, this is definitely a summer fragrance you can never go wrong with!
Price: Rs. 5,000. Buy at an Bobbi Brown outlet.

5. Eternity Summer 2016 by Calvin Klein

5 best perfumes for summer Calvin Klein continues its trend of special edition summer fragrances year after year. Exotic vacays, salt in your hair, beachside tranquility – this one will give you all the feels. Peony, orange blossom, jasmine are some notes that give a delish fruity floral scent. Price: Rs. 5,800. Available at any Calvin Klein outlet.     

6. Bvlgari Aqva Divina

6 best perfumes for summer Salty, bright, breezy and warm are just some ways to describe this gorgeous floral-aquatic concoction. It’s a flirty feminine fragrance that will definitely have you falling in love at first whiff. Plus, doesn’t the playful bottle remind you of a seashell?! Price: Rs 6,000. Available at any Bvlgari outlet.

7. Jimmy Choo by Jimmy Choo

7 best perfumes for summer Glamorous, sensual and exotic, this rich scent will instantly help you feel confident and undeniably sexy. With notes like tiger orchid and patchouli packaged in an opulent bottle, you can be sure to be the life of the party and a lucky someone’s unforgettable summer romance. Price: Rs. 7,020. Buy at any Jimmy Choo outlet. 
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Published on May 23, 2016
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