Bengali Girls In The Wild

Farah Billah's Bengali Girls In The Wild Series Is BADASS!

Divya Sharma

Assistant Editor

Most of us living in India make our own assumptions about what an Indian girl who grew up in a western country would be like. Some of us would assume that they definitely wouldn't be wearing saris or suits and others would envy them, for they surely don't get asked to get married as often as we do... Well, they're actually more like us than we would have imagined, and also very different in many glorious ways. Coriander Cats: Bengali Girls In The Wild is a photo series by Farah Billah that showcases desi American women in all of their gorgeous and insane glory. And we couldn't be more in awe!

"I noticed that these vibrant souls I grew up with defied stereotypes, broke rules, and still came out on top. I’ll give you that they’re beautiful, strong, and independent. I’ll even give you that they’re intelligent and driven- but what I love about them the most is that they’re all inexplicably insane." - Farah Billah

Click here to view the complete series.

How many times have you been told not to sit with your legs wide open?

Bengali Girls In The Wild

And as soon as you turned 18, didn't the aunties start showing up with bio datas?

Bengali Girls In The Wild

And just after, the whole world feels like they need to have an opinion about your life.

Bengali Girls In The Wild

We can be loud too. We can be a mess. And we can cause chaos. Because, why the hell not?

Bengali Girls In The Wild

Oh, and nobody tell us who to talk to and who not to.

Bengali Girls In The Wild


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Published on May 13, 2016
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