#BeautyDiaries: How I Maintained My Blow Dry For A 4-Day Shaadi

#BeautyDiaries: How I Maintained My Blow Dry For A 4-Day Shaadi
My cousin was getting married and it was going to take place in Udaipur. I was really excited as there was finally a destination wedding in my family. Ever since Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, I have been waiting to attend a wedding in Udaipur too. But, now comes the flip side, I haven’t been blessed with beautiful and nice hair - I have horrible frizzy and curly hair. I was stressing about how am I going to style my hair for various functions there and how would I manage them.

Even though the hotel had a salon, I don’t really like experimenting with my hair and that too for wedding functions. I went to my hair-dresser Danish at my favourite parlor, Looks at GK1 in Delhi, and he advised me to come on the day I was leaving for Udaipur, and he would style my hair in a manner which would last me throughout the functions. I laughed it off thinking that this was just not possible. How could a blow dry last me for days? I was sure it would get spoilt in the flight itself.

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Finally, the day arrived when we had to leave for the wedding and I went to the parlour before leaving for the airport. Danish advised the guy who was washing my hair to not apply conditioner as that would make my hair oily sooner. He finally blow dried my hair and pinned it up in a bun. He did not use any hair spray as he said that would make my hair hard and asked me to not open my hair till I reached Udaipur and to not even touch it. I reached Udaipur and was sure that when I would open my hair, it would be frizzy and unmanageable. But to my surprise, it was not. It was actually in place and looked as if I had just walked out of the parlour! Well, that was the first day. I still had three more days to go and had to somehow manage my hair.

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As advised by Danish, I twisted my hair up and pinned it loosely at night while sleeping - it wouldn’t get tangled and I wouldn’t have to keep brushing it. I did not let even a drop of water touch my hair and used to pin my shower cap from the sides while taking a shower. I did not brush my hair and used only my fingers to run through them. Before the functions, I used to take a round brush, put the hair dryer on the ‘cool air’ setting and used it only on the front section of my hair.

I must confess - the wedding was luckily in January and the weather was a blessing. But, I did manage to maintain and make my blow dry last long - four days! - irrespective of the dancing and the wedding madness just by following these simple steps. And yes, I have an amazing hair dresser too!

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