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#BeautyDiaries: The MAGIC Remedy That Stopped My Hair Fall!

#BeautyDiaries: The MAGIC Remedy That Stopped My Hair Fall!

As a child, whenever I used to go for a haircut, the hairdresser would always tell my mum that I had such lovely, thick hair. I had inherited it from my mother, who, by the way, still has gorgeous thick, black, luscious hair. But, as I grew up, I became lazy, careless and very lax about taking care of my mane. I would hardly ever oil my hair, never condition my strands and sometimes not even rinse off the shampoo properly. By the time I entered adulthood, my hair was far from the lush, beautiful locks I used to have. Instead, I had thin, frizzy and damaged hair. My mum would often take me for hair spas, oil treatments and more, but after the appointment I would go back to being careless and neglectful. Living away from home in the fast moving corporate world only made it worse. I would wash my hair at least 4 times a week and hardly ever oil it. They say that over-washing your hair dries out your strands and I’m pretty guilty of that.
Also read: #BeautyDiaries: Why NOT Brushing My Hair Was The Best Decision! Then, two years back I fell extremely ill. I was on bedrest for some time and on very strong medication. Post this I had a LOT of hair fall. So my damaged and thin hair became even scantier. Internal How I put an end to my hair fall Also read: #BeautyDiaries: Why I Finally Stopped Using A Hair Straightener… This is when my mum panicked and start doing some research online about how to prevent hairfall. She found out about about this lady in Delhi who does the most amazing oil treatment. Since a lot of you might not be able to go to Kamini aunty, let me tell you about the treatment so that you too can do this at home. You should use a good herb oil to massage your hair with for about 30 minutes, then use the magic ingredient called ginger tonic (basic ginger juice) and dab it all across your scalp. This opens your hair follicles and enables new hair growth. Wash this off in 45-60 minutes. Do this every weekend and you will definitely see results in 4-5 weeks. I’m glad my mother was there to help me save my strands from any further damage. I have much better, healthier and thicker hair now, although I am still lazy at times and don't do the oil treatment regularly. But this treatment has completely changed my locks for the better. I’m so much closer to the luscious strands I had when I was younger. Do try this at home and let me know if this works for you.
Published on May 28, 2016
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