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Real Brides Reveal Beauty Lessons They Learnt During The Shaadi

Real Brides Reveal Beauty Lessons They Learnt During The Shaadi
Life starts changing from the moment you get engaged. There’s planning the big day, shopping for the functions and the trousseau, and the most obvious and important, taking care of yourself. You need to start prepping your skin, your hair and body for the big day. Because, well, every girl wants to look her best on the D-day. We asked for beauty advice from brides, what advice they ignored and the lessons it made them learn! Read on…

1. I should’ve been particular about my beauty sleep…

“Because nothing looks worse than dark circles and it’s not easy to get rid of them. I wish I had said no to some of those late night party invites and movie shows! Closer to the date, the anxiety and emotions anyhow don’t let you fall asleep so when you can, you must avoid being up late at night.”

- Reema Gupta, IT Consultant

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2. I wish I hadn’t ignored it when my mum asked me not to step out in the sun

“She warned me to stay indoors during the day and only step out in the evening. I didn’t listen and my skin tanned a great deal. And this was during the last one month before the wedding. I couldn’t do much except anti-tan face packs which only help to a small extent.”

- Prerna Katyal, Event Manager

3. I should’ve totally gone to the gym

“I wasn’t in great shape and even though I joined a gym, I was never really regular. For my diet too, I kept putting it off thinking I’ll just put in all my dedication during the last 3 months. But with the hectic shopping and planning schedule, dieting or gymming became even more difficult! In fact, the pre wedding celebrations at home only made me put on more kilos!”

- Manasvi Jaitly, Senior Wedding Writer, POPxo

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4. I took a haircut and colour 10 days before and it was a nightmare!

“Well, my idea was that it should look new and so I kept delaying it to as close to the D-day as possible. And it was so not what I had wished for! Though I could get the colour changed, there was nothing I could do to make the cut right. My hair and makeup artist did a fab job during the functions but I had to carry that hideous cut for most of my first year of marriage!”

- Radhika Kumari, Homemaker

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5. I now understand that classics always work better than fads

“Like it’s best to stick to pink or red lipsticks rather than oxblood or bright oranges! All I read everywhere was just how hot deep dark shades were at the time and so for my reception, I chose a dark shade with hints of purple and brown. And what a disaster! I mean when the pictures came out, I was left horrified! It looked like I was off to some Halloween party!

- Anonymous

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6. I learnt just how important skin care is

“I had never been into skincare and for the wedding too I relied on my makeup artist. While he did a wonderful job, I did realise that due to the harsh photo lights and HD cameras, your skin quality really does show in pictures (unless they are edited!).

- Shirley Rana, Marketing Manager

7. Every bride needs to take it easy - it’s extremely important!

“You could call me a bridezilla. I was fretting over everything and I spent days shopping and doing vendor meetings and I would stay up the night to personally pack the wedding favours and spend hours creating wedding inspiration boards on Pinterest. And though I had never believed it, all the stress showed on my face. It just looked so dull and dead! I should've either finished it all months before or just not been so into each and every detail.”

- Manasvi Jaitly, Senior Wedding Writer, POPxo

beauty advice from brides

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