Sunday Shorts: 3 Heartwarming Tales About Growing Old Together

Sunday Shorts: 3 Heartwarming Tales About Growing Old Together

1. Faded

“It’s fading away. That looks really old, Grandma, almost as old as you do!”, Ravi said as he sprinted away to his grandfather, laughing.

I looked at my ring finger and smiled.

When we were only 22, Ashok had given me that ring. He had won it as a prize at a fair in town.

I knew then, as I know now, that no other ring would be as valuable - and life without him would be a life not worth living.

1 Growing old together

2. Same Old You, Same Old Me

The bed creaked and he heard the shuffling of her feet. It was 5 in the morning, and she was up for her morning walk. One hour later she would walk in and complain about him still being in bed, being unhealthy and not taking enough care of himself. They would then have a quiet breakfast and maybe later, give one of their children a call… It was the same, every day. It was almost like he could map the time of the day from his wife’s movements.

Just like forty years ago, when he used to map time from the hours spent away from her.

2 growing old together

3. Soulmates For Life

Do you have to exchange rings to be soulmates? I don’t know, because we never really did that. Our parents always said they knew better, but how were we supposed to find another soulmate - there is just one other twin soul, right?

We would sit by the beach for hours, talking, laughing, crying, ranting, venting, making, breaking and just being there with each other and for each other. Today, when I cannot walk much and his sight isn’t all that great, we sit in the small garden outside our house, holding hands and occasionally stealing glances and smiles. Yes, after all this time he can still make me blush.

3 Growing old together

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