An Open Letter To My BFFs - Thank You For Being There. Always!

An Open Letter To My BFFs - Thank You For Being There. Always!
Dear girlfriends,

Have I ever told you how much I adore you? Those heart emojis I send you once in awhile? I mean every single one of them.

And I am writing this letter to thank each one of you for being in my life. Some of you live in the same city - others miles away, and a few oceans apart. But all of you brighten up my life with your love and laughter.

You have seen me through the ups and downs, and it amazes me how you have been there with me through it all. That time I broke up with my first serious boyfriend, you showed up at my apartment with a tub of ice cream. And I listened to that playlist of breakup songs you made, for an entire month - and it made me laugh. Thank you for that.

An open letter to all my girlfriends

As we have grown older and not as wise as we thought we would, I have had several moments where I have doubted myself and my abilities. But your sheer, unflinching belief in my awesomeness - and disdain that the rest of the world has not figured it out yet - is the sweetest thing which keeps me going during the tough times. You rave about me to your family and they think of me as another daughter. To your younger siblings, you have painted me as this cool role model and I joke that they are going to be disappointed when they finally see me. But thank you for telling them those stories anyway. Thank you for constantly reminding me I am good enough because YOU believe I am great.

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When I am having a tough day at work, I know I can call you, and by the end of the call, I will be laughing my gut off. Thank you for making my heart feel lighter and my burden less heavy.

Thank you for cyberstalking every potential romantic prospect. One of my exes used to joke that if he messes with me, my friends would mess with him. Thanks for putting the fear of God in him, and for unfriending him on Facebook and dutifully giving him the stinkeye after we finally broke up.

An open letter to all my girlfriends

You are equal parts sane and madcap and it's always a pleasure never knowing which part will step out when we meet. Thank you for making time to come on that trip even though we were all broke - and have an adventure that we will be telling our grandkids some day.

Thanks for understanding me when I get tied up with the routine of life and do not call for weeks - and for patiently relating and listening to a recap of all that has happened in the interim. Thanks for listening to me rave about all my unrequited crushes and your belief that it be a very special man who will be worthy of me. And thanks for your concern when you are worried about me - and for those messages asking if I have gotten home safely.

Thank you for telling me not what I want to hear but what I need to know.

An open letter to all my girlfriends

Thank you, because no matter what I achieve or don't achieve in life, I will always consider myself a lucky woman to be your friend. Thank you for loving me, and I love you to the moon and back.

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