10 Adorable Little Things All Couples Do On Social Media!

10 Adorable Little Things All Couples Do On Social Media!
Being in love is amazing - so amazing that sometimes you want to share it with the world and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – the digital equivalents of shouting from the rooftop. You’re so happy you can’t help but want to flaunt your significant other to all 900 of your friends and followers and that’s sweet! Here are a few things all couples do on social media. #BaeForLife!

1. The Date Night Picture

A picture of your significant other smiling adorably holding a glass of wine or snapshot of your delicious meal. After all, food + bae makes you happy, how can you not want to capture the moment?!

1 things couples do on social media

2. The Milestone Post

You’re celebrating one year of bliss together, why not have a virtual celebration too?

3. The Couple Selfie

You don’t need a reason for this other than the fact that your skin looks a bit extra glowy, he looks kinda hunky and together you make one good looking couple ;)

3 things couples do on social media

4. PDA Central

Okay, it’s cute but not everyone will appreciate a picture of the two of you kissing. Haters gonna hate!

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5. The All-Important Relationship Update

It’s not official until it’s on Facebook after all!

5 things couples do on social media

6. Posting On Each Other’s Walls

You’re scrolling through your Timeline and you see something that reminds you of him. How can you not share it with him?!

7. Put A Hashtag On It

Of course, the two of you have created some special hashtags for each other. #Betterhalf, #Datenight, #Foreverlove

7 things couples do on social media

8. And Of Course The ‘Likes’

It’s like an unspoken rule that your other half must like every selfie, meme and anything else you post. A cute comment to go with it is the icing on top!

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9. Couple Check-ins

He surprised you by taking you to this new romantic, rooftop restaurant. This definitely calls for a check-in!

9 things couples do on social media

10. The ‘I Love You’ Status Updates

You don’t care what people think, you’ve found the real thing and are damn proud of it!

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