stories about arranged marriages

Sunday Shorts: 3 Tiny, Adorable Tales About Arranged Marriages!

POPxo Team

POPxo Team

1. Her Escape

She was looking for an escape when she met me with her dad that day. Escape from being the good girl she had been for the past twenty four years of her life. The girl who shouldn’t party too much, shouldn’t step out for too long, shouldn’t sleep too late...

She was looking for an escape when she met me - but instead, I was the one who was saved that day.

- A Message to my wife, on our 25th anniversary.

stories about arranged marriages

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2. The Dreamcatcher

He wasn't the man of her dreams. In fact, he was a completely different person from what she had expected and wanted from her life partner. Yet, he was the man her parents had 'selected' for her.

She married him - and as time flew by, they fell more and more in love with each other. No, he wasn’t the perfect man for her, but he did work hard to make her life perfect in every way.

stories about arranged marriages

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3. The Perfect Mismatch

I walked into the drawing room with my eyes brimming with tears. After being rejected five times in three months, my self esteem was in pieces. The moment I looked up at him, he stood up and took the tray I was holding in my hands from me. He smiled a gentle, knowing smile.

When we were finally left alone, he said "I am actually more nervous than you are. Trust me." And then, to my surprise, he pointed at his socks… He was wearing completely mismatched ones! We laughed and then just talked and talked. Time flew by that day, just as it does even today. But today, we’re not the only two who laugh - we have two of our own little babies who laugh even louder!

stories about arranged marriages

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Published on May 08, 2016
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