7 Sexy Bridal Outfits That Are Not Too Revealing!

7 Sexy Bridal Outfits That Are Not Too Revealing!
We might be the most adventurous fashionistas in our day-to-day life, but our own wedding sometimes isn’t the best time to play the bold bride. There are too many considerations - conservative community or relatives, your in-laws might object to too much skin show on your wedding (while they’re quite cool otherwise!) or your grandma might say that this is a “pooja ka din.” But subtle does not mean boring! Here are 10 bridal outfits that are pretty discreet but still very sexy!

1. Caped anarkali

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Pretty much on-trend with the cape, we love the sheer overlay over the most accepted of outfits - the anarkali! The green will make you instantly stand out, the dabka embroidery work is also traditional, and the cape adds the fashion-forward style you’re looking for. Style this with long, dangling earrings and an updo and you have your reception outfit sorted.

Price: Rs 19,500. Buy it here.

2. Figure-hugging lehenga

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Not all lehengas are swathes of fabric - case in point this royal blue, mermaid-style lehenga. The beautiful, high-necked, three-quarter sleeved choli will hardly raise any eyebrows but the slim silhouette of the skirt allows you to show off the figure you worked so hard for! The distinctive embroidery work will mark you out as the lucky bride! Pick this one for your engagement.

Price: Rs 7,000. Buy it here.

3. Off with the shoulders!

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Show off your collarbones and shoulders with this silk lehenga set which beautifully balances the skin reveal with volume. It’s party up top and complete business down below. An updo, long danglers, a sequinned clutch and high heels - you’re ready!

Price: Rs 38,000. Buy it here.

4. The uber-stylish choli

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Can’t do away with the choli? Why not go full ethnic fashionista with it? No one who sees you carry off this super-cool yellow lehenga choli can accuse of looking boring. The set is simply stunning and the cropped top allows you to show off a sliver of your belly. Wear this on your mehendi and ‘wow’ everyone.

Price: Rs 10, 404. Buy it here.





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5. Jumpsuit it!

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We love this find! Red bridal colour = check. Fashion-forward jumpsuit = check. Discreet but sexy = check! This is a jumpsuit which is accessorised with a pre-stitched dupatta and the sheer panel at the waist allows you to have your fashionista way too!

Price: Rs 36,000. Buy it here.

6. Go full-on traditional

bridal outfits 6

This silhouette will pass the decency test of even the strictest of grandmas - the three-quarter length sleeves, the full skirt and the bridal colours. Yet, the figure-hugging mermaid style skirt and tightly-cut blouse are anything but staid. Be the beautiful bride you are meant to be!

Price: Rs 12,557. Buy it here.

7. Cut it out

bridal outfits 7

Simple cutouts at the waist elevate this anarkali to a must-have buy. Plus, the V-shaped sequin work on the bodice is one of the most different designs we have seen in a while. Perfect for your reception or engagement, even!

Price: Rs 19,500. Buy it here.
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